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The Theatre Company Presents Re-Imagined 2020 Season

The season will feature podcast recordings of THE MOORS by Jen Silverman and VINEGAR TOM by Caryl Churchill.

The Theatre Company Presents Re-Imagined 2020 Season

The Theatre Company will present a re-imagined cozy but revolutionary 2020 season featuring fully produced podcast recordings of The Moors by Jen Silverman and Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill October 9 - November 14. It's dangerous to be a woman and different.

Co-Artistic Directors Jen Rowe and Brandon Woolley established The Theatre Company with the intention of transforming found spaces with bold, theatrical endeavors. The inaugural live season, meant to feature productions by Silverman at Taborspace and Churchill at The Hallowed Halls, was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, TTC is bringing Silverman's twisted Victorian Gothic and Churchill's modern critique of 17th century femme witchiness to the comfort of your own home. Turn off your screens, make a pot of soup, turn up the volume, and take down the patriarchy.

"These plays were originally chosen for our debut season because they are about people striving to change the game, to rearrange their current situation, to achieve something different. The women in The Moors and Vinegar Tom represent far different time periods and socioeconomic statuses, but their struggles and desires are the same - to first become aware of, then subvert and break down the oppressive systems that cause their suffering," says Co-Artistic Director Jen Rowe.

Co- Artistic Director Brandon Woolley adds, "These scripts adapt so seamlessly to an environmental podcast. We're asking people to turn off their screens and engage with the stories in a different way. There's little stage direction, which puts the focus on the incredibly rich revolutionary characters. There's also just a hint of melodrama!"

TTC is thrilled to welcome back the full cast from the originally scheduled production of The Moors for the podcast edition. Brandon Woolley directs a cast featuring Lorraine Bahr, Paul Glazier, Kelly Godell, Dana Millican, Sasha Neufeld, and Jen Rowe. Jen Rowe directs Vinegar Tom with a powerhouse cast including Diane Kondrat, Julana Torres, Chris Harder, Treasure Lunan, and more.

Playwrights Silverman and Churchill granted TTC special permission to present their work as podcast recordings. The Moors and Vinegar Tom will be rehearsed via Zoom, and safely recorded at The Hallowed Halls in SE Portland. Tickets for each streaming podcast are $10. Ticket holders will be given access to the password protected podcast via the TTC website. Each podcast will be available to stream for two weeks. Anyone who previously purchased tickets to a live performance of The Moors or Vinegar Tom will receive complimentary access to the podcasts. Tickets and more information available at

The Theatre Company will announce their second season line-up in November.


The Moors, a bold, theatrical satire by Jen Silverman, takes us on a wild ride through the beautiful and the dangerous while upending gender politics. Sisters Agatha and Huldey reside on the bleak English Moors. Their Mastiff has a bad case of ennui. The maid has strategic multiple personalities. A crash-landed Moor-Hen can't remember anything. A young governess has just arrived from London. The rooms in the house all look strikingly similar. And no one can seem to find Master Branwell. This Brontë-inspired gothic is Grey Gardens meets American Horror Story meets Calvin & Hobbes. The rules are always changing, and that's the only thing anyone can rely on.

Brandon Woolley directs a cast featuring Lorraine Bahr as Marjory, Paul Glazier as The Mastiff, Kelly Godell as A Moor-Hen, Dana Millican as Agatha, Sasha Neufeld as Emilie, and Jen Rowe as Huldey. Original Music Direction by Merideth Kaye Clark. Sound Design by Adam Smith.

Available for streaming October 9-24.


Vinegar Tom, Caryl Churchill's response to uncompromising systems of patriarchy both past and present, centers on unconventional women in a 17th century rural town. Their scandalous and inexcusable behavior includes sleeping with a stranger, owning an old cat, cursing at the neighbors, and disinterest in marriage and children. Steeped in a landscape of pride, poverty and prejudice, the question persists - what makes a witch? This play with music, born out of the second wave feminist movement of the 60's and 70's, is The Crucible meets Oooo Hooo Witchay Woman meets Handmaid's Tale.

Jen Rowe directs a cast featuring Diane Kondrat, Julana Torres, Morgan Cox, Treasure Lunan, Chris Harder, Sam Dinkowitz, and more to be announced. Sound Design by Cameron McFee.

Available for streaming October 30 - November 14.

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