Rocky Horror Larp

2/14/2018 - 2/18/2018
Rocky Horror Larp


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Imagine a world where every flat tire leads to a creepy old castle, where aliens dance and mad scientists sing, where you can live in a science fiction double feature picture show every single day. Don’t just dream it, be it - by joining the ultimate in audience participation: “The Rocky Horror Larp” on 14th-18th February 2018.

Licenced by the Rocky Horror Company, this experience will have the songs you love and even a chance to play one of the iconic characters from the show. You will enter Frank-N-Furter’s castle as a pre-designed character and take part in a variety of incredible adventures: you can help to make a B-movie, go on a raygun rampage, and experiment with mad science in a world where transvestite aliens meet all American heroes and battle creatures from beyond the stars. The outcome of the events played out this weekend will be determined by you, the participants. Will those B-movies ever get finished? Will the cheerleader ever pluck up the courage to tell the squad leader that she loves her? Will things ever go back to how they were before? What your character decides to do matters and may even shape the future of planet Earth for generations to come.

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