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Review: THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at The Phoenix Theatre Company

Time is Fleeting! Catch The Rocky Horror Show at The Phoenix Theatre Company before it returns to Transsexual Transylvania.

Review: THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at The Phoenix Theatre Company

As I sit here with my fingers resting on the keys of my laptop, I find myself struggling to put words on the page. A feeling very similar to when asked by fellow patrons what I thought about the show. My speechlessness should be a testament to the magnificence I witnessed on The Phoenix Theatre Company stage. The Rocky Horror Show is pure perfection, and nothing I could say in this review could do it any justice.

The Rocky Horror Show, Like the movie of the same name, follows Brad and Janet, a young couple on a trip to meet with their old college professor. After blowing a tire during a storm, the two search for help at a nearby castle and soon enough fall victim to the eccentricities of the the occupants within. This cult classic piece transcends the era it was birthed with a message still relevant today, while simultaneously screaming with laughter and singing along.

The entirety of this cast is electrifying, as they keep this audience at TPTC seductively entranced through the whole of the show. Cullen Law does a phenomenal job grasping and controlling the crowd as the Narrator. Kade Bailey and Alyssa Chiarello are an amazing pair as Brad and Janet. Šime Košta is a magnetic Frank 'N' Furter who not only sports a powerhouse voice but oozes chemistry that they seem to hold strong with each member of the cast.

Tiana Torrilhon and William Symington's set is impressive, as you explore in awe. Paired with William C. Kirkham's masterful lighting design, the show is an eyepopping experience even during intermission. In that same vein, Maci Hosler's costumes do not fail to bring the sex this show rightfully demands.

In not so many words, this show is all around flawlessness. From every prop, set piece, and instrument, to every immaculate voice on The Phoenix Theatre Company stage, The Rocky Horror Show wow's its audience, even in each moment of antici... ...pation. Yet and still, even while coming to the end of this review, not one single word I've typed could come near to doing this production justice. The only way to truly comprehend is to see the show yourself. The Rocky Horror Show runs until December 5th, 2021 at The Phoenix Theatre Company. Make sure you don't miss the time warp this time around.

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