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Student Blog: Thoughts on the Dear Evan Hansen Film Trailer

The trailer is out, but how will the musical change?

Student Blog: Thoughts on the Dear Evan Hansen Film Trailer We all knew the film was coming, but no one was prepared for the trailer to hit our social media timelines yesterday. From the moment the first chord of "You Will Be Found" played, I was instantly transported back to when I saw the production on Broadway. All the way in the last row of the mezzanine of the Music Box Theatre, I remember staring at the stage in awe at the end of this song. The musical was a unique addition to the Broadway lineup since it effectively integrated social media and projection into theatre. There was always something to capture the eyes of audiences, and it offered new experiences for returning fans. However, I am curious how this will transfer to the screen. Will we lose the power social media has over the musical? If so, what will the new artistic vision look like?

From the looks of the trailer, social media still plays an integral role in the story, but we get to dive further into the complex characters in exchange for less social media popping in our faces. For instance, the trailer shows the characters hanging out at prom, a carnival, graduation, and more. It is evident we will get to learn more about Evan and Zoe's romantic relationship, and delve into the psyches of the Murphys. In the musical we really only get to understand the Murphys during "Requiem" and Evan and Zoe's relationship in "Only Us". In the movie, it appears that we will learn more about the Murphys' struggles as underscored by the clip where Zoe is speeding out of control. We will also get to know more about Evan and Zoe's relationship as we see them going on what seems to be dates.

I am also excited to see the evolution of supporting characters and the introduction of new characters. The trailer convinces me that Alana will play an even bigger role in the plot. In the musical, Alana's main purpose is to be the overachieving "eyes on the prize" student who starts Connor's memorial page and becomes a member of the Connor Project team. We know that she thinks she was somewhat close with Connor, so she is taking his death a little worse than the average student. Nevertheless, we see Alana out of the context of the Connor Project and school itself during the trailer. It is probable that we will learn more about the complexities of her character and see more connections between her and other characters.

Furthermore, Isaac Powell is seen playing the new character of Rhys the jock in the trailer. He appears to not be the stereotypical clueless jock, and instead he is rather supportive of Evan. We do not get to hear or see much from him, so we are still in the unknown regarding the role of his character. I am anxious to see how Rhys will affect the dynamics of other characters, and if he will get solos in any new songs since Powell has an incredible voice.

More than anything, I am eager to see how the film will encapsulate the pivotal moments that happened prior to the beginning of the musical and the fictional stories that Evan tells about him and Connor. Will we get flashbacks to when the moving truck is on Evan's driveway or when Evan climbs the tree? It appears to be quite possible given that in the trailer Evan is seen standing at the top of a tree. Also, will we see more of Connor when Evan tells his many stories? These questions will get their answers in only a few months. For now, enjoy the trailer and share your thoughts on what the film will turn out to be:

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