Breathtaking fusion of dance, burlesque and circus in a special extended season.

THE SNOW Makes Professional Australian Premiere in July

Perth Fringe World 2023 may have finished, but there will always be shows that continue to sparkle long after the box offices are packed down. One such show is ORACLE, which has been extended by popular demand, with the 100th showing of this circus/burlesque/acrobatics/cabaret fusion set for March 3rd.

ORACLE: A MYTHICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE STARS tells the Greek myths behind the twelve signs of the zodiac through many different performance mediums. You'll see dancing (from ballet to lyrical to contemporary), circus skills, acrobatics, burlesque and much more, all underpinned by the story-telling Oracle, brought to life by the stunning vocals of Jazmin Varlet. From very early on in this show it's clear to see why the season has been extended and why the show has already had huge seasons in Brisbane and Melbourne.

ORACLE: A MYTHICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE STARS takes place across sixteen scenes, and it's safe to say that the show is a lot to take in. Each performance is brilliant in itself, showcasing a vast array of skills that the creatives possess. There was pole dancing, hoops, aerial stunts, outstanding choreography, and truly breathtaking feats of strength and flexibility. It still feels like that only begins to scratch the surface, with ORACLE delivering an absolute feast of visual treats, not to mention Varlet's impressive vocals and a mesmerising backing soundtrack.

THE SNOW Makes Professional Australian Premiere in July

There is simply so much to like about ORACLE: A MYTHICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE STARS. If one act isn't quite your cup of tea, chances are the next one will be. The brilliant storytelling is a theme throughout, and it was quite pleasing to see that, rather than the signs of the zodiac being a rough guide to fit some acts into, the mythological aspect was evident throughout the show. The way each act was curated to be a part of the greater theme was outstanding, and whilst at times separate acts kept lifting the energy, there were some perfect changes of pace that allowed the performers and the audience to catch their breath. It is a testament to the stunning variety on show that after the show, a still buzzing audience were sharing their favourite acts, and it wasn't too hard to find someone wowed by each.

ORACLE: A MYTHICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE STARS is much more than the sum of its impressive parts. It has something for everyone because it has everything, perfectly choreographed and curated into 110 breathtaking minutes.

ORACLE: A MYTHICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE STARS has been extended at the Regal Theatre until March 5th. Tickets and more information through Ticketek.

Photos thanks to Ben Vella. Video from Bass Fam Productions/YouTube.

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