VIDEO: Official Trailer for MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER AND ME on Seeso
by TV News Desk - Feb 2, 2017

Check out the official trailer for the Seeso Original Series “MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER AND ME,” a comedy advice show starring real-life brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy. (more...)

VIDEO: 'Eat Pray Love' Author Elizabeth Gilbert Talks New Book on LATE SHOW
by TV News Desk - Nov 5, 2015

On last night's LATE SHOW, guet Elizabeth Gilbert stopped by to talk about her new book, the creative process and sociopaths. (more...)

VIDEO: Oprah Talks 'The Life You Want' Arena Tour on GMA
by TV News Desk - Aug 8, 2014

Oprah Winfrey stopped by this week's GOOD MORNING AMERICA to talk about the upcoming 'Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend' arena tour and what the epic passion project means to her. (more...)

VIDEO: Stephen Performs Anti-Obamacare Song Parody on COLBERT
by TV News Desk - Dec 12, 2013

On last night's THE COLBERT REPORT on Comedy Central, Festivus comes to the Florida Capitol, Obama's handshake causes outrage, Mike Huckabee fights Obamacare with music, and Elizabeth Gilbert talks 'The Signature of All Things.' (more...)

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Tonight's Season Finale of SOUTH PARK on Comedy Central
by TV News Desk - Dec 11, 2013

Tonight on Comedy Central, catch the Season Finale of 'South Park' and all-new episodes of 'Key & Peele,' 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,' and 'The Colbert Report'. Below, watch sneak peeks of South Park and Key & Peele. (more...)

VIDEO: Book Trailer for The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert
by BWW News Desk - Oct 12, 2013

From: Viking Books, ON SALE: OCTOBER 1, 2013 is Elizabeth Gilbert's first novel in twelve years is an extraordinary story of botany, exploration and desire, spanning across much of the 19th century. For more information visit: (more...)

TRAILER: First Look at Elizabeth Gilbert's THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS
by Stage Tube - Jul 1, 2013

Elizabeth Gilbert's first novel in twelve years is an extraordinary story of botany, exploration and desire, spanning across much of the 19th century. The novel follows the fortunes of the brilliant Alma Whittaker (daughter of a bold and charismatic botanical explorer) as she comes into her own within the world of plants and science. As Alma's careful studies of moss take her deeper into the mysteries of evolution, the man she loves draws her in the opposite direction-into the realm of the spiritual, the divine and the magical. Alma is a clear-minded scientist; Ambrose is a Utopian artist. But what unites this couple is a shared passion for knowing-a desperate need to understand the workings of this world, and the mechanism behind of all life. The Signature of All Things is a big novel, about a big century. Exquisitely researched and told at a galloping pace, this story novel soars across the globe-from London, to Peru, to Philadelphia, to Tahiti, to Amsterdam and beyond. It is written in the bold, questing spirit of that singular time. Alma Whittaker is a witness to history, as well as maker of history herself. She stands on the cusp of the modern, with one foot still in the Enlightened Age, and she is certain to be loved by readers across the world. (more...)

STAGE TUBE: Jordan Roth, Ken Davenport, et al. Speak at TEDxBroadway
by Stage Tube - Feb 24, 2012

The Vision: 20 years ago, in January of 1992, Broadway was a different place: Times Square and the environs were dangerous and down at the heels, the World Wide Web had just launched, and the Soviet Union had come to an end just a month before. So much has changed on Broadway in that time that it begs the question 'What will Broadway be like 20 years from now?' But there's an even better, more important question than that: 'What's the best that Broadway can be 20 years from now?' And that's the question TEDxBroadway attempts to answer. (more...)

STAGE TUBE: Trailer for 'Eat, Pray, Love' Starring Roberts & Crudup
by BroadwayWorld TV - Mar 18, 2010

The trailer for the upcoming Columbia Pictures 'Eat, Pray, Love' has been released. The film is an adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir and stars Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Viola Davis, Tuva Novotny, Mary Testa and Arlene Tur. (more...)