In the Spotlight: Philippine Stagers Foundation's Widespread Appeal Among School-based AudiencesIn the Spotlight: Philippine Stagers Foundation's Widespread Appeal Among School-based Audiences
by Robert Encila-Celdran - Mar 25, 2018

It's in the spirit of the arts as a conduit for education that I found myself drawn to the theater for young audiences, with a particular interest in the work of Atty. Vincent Tañada and the Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF). Tañada's work--as it relates to the current demands for the arts in schools--will be my main focus of this discussion. (more...)

BWW Review: OBRA NI JUAN Delivers Devastating, Moving Homage to Tragic HeroBWW Review: OBRA NI JUAN Delivers Devastating, Moving Homage to Tragic Hero
by Robert Encila - Sep 9, 2017

You'd be hard-pressed to find a busier man in the industry than Vince Tanada. Now in his 16th year as the president and founding artistic director of the Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), he also serves as the company's creative heartbeat--writing and directing productions with a history of reaching far-flung viewers. Just when you think he's due for a well-deserved sabbatical, Tanada is back with a major theater project as though he was checking a mere deadline from his law office (yes, he's still an attorney). From the looks of it, there's no sign of the playwright letting up; in fact, 'Obra ni Juan' shows all the signs of another critical renown. (more...)

Photo Flash: First Look at Philippine Stagers Foundation's OBRA NI JUAN
by Oliver Oliveros - Jul 16, 2017

In its 16th year as a successful touring theater company, the Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), known for its critically-acclaimed original musicals such as 'Ako si Ninoy,' 'Cory ng EDSA,' and 'Katips: Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero,' puts the spotlight on the controversial, tragic life of the world-renowned Filipino artist and political activist Juan Luna (1857-1899). (more...)

BWW News: 6th Annual BRIEFS: A Festival of Short LGBTQ Plays This Weekend at the .Zack
by Chris Gibson - Mar 8, 2017

With funding for the arts under attack and more anti-LGBTQ legislation in the wings under the new administration, the sixth annual Briefs: A Festival of Short LGBTQ Plays is needed now more than ever. Pearl Vodka in conjunction with That Uppity Theatre Company and Vital VOICE Magazine will present the sixth annual Briefs: A Festival of Short LGBTQ Plays. Briefs is a unique venture in St. Louis that brings together numerous directors and theatrical artists to showcase the work of eight different playwrights all under one roof. Briefs presents theatrical work that address the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning people. The festival is targeted to a diverse and mature audience that appreciates good theatre in unique settings. (more...)

Photos: Philippine Stagers Foundation Accepts BroadwayWorld Awards
by Oliver Oliveros - Apr 9, 2015

For theater is a collaborative artform, yours truly gestured the creative team, cast, and production crew of grassroots theater company Philippine Stagers Foundation's (PSF) latest work, 'Filipinas 1941,' to join me on stage, together with Atty. Vincent Tañada, the show's writer-director-lead actor, to collectively accept the 2014 BroadwayWorld Philippines Regional Award for Best Filipino Musical (New/Revival) at Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle earlier last week. (more...)

BWW Reviews: The St. Louis Actors' Studio Intriguing Presentation of the LABUTE NEW THEATER FESTIVAL (Part One)
by Chris Gibson - Jul 16, 2014

St. Louis should feel honored that the St. Louis Actors' Studio has established a new summer tradition with their LABUTE NEW THEATER FESTIVAL which began last week. It is an opportunity for all theater-goers to see fresh one act plays that are both thought-provoking and engaging. As a special treat playwright/screenwriter/director Neil LaBute also contributes a piece each year. This event is truly special and one that should not be missed. (more...)

Exclusive First Look at FILIPINAS 1941 by Philippine Stagers Foundation
by Oliver Oliveros - Jul 15, 2014 brings you a first glimpse at the Commission of Higher Education (CHED)-endorsed new original musical in Tagalog FILIPINAS 1941: Isang Dulayawit, produced by the prolific, commercially successful grassroots theater company Philippine Stagers Foundation ('Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela,' 'Cory ng EDSA'). (more...)

BroadwayWorld PH Receives an Award for Promoting Original Filipino Plays and Musicals
by Oliver Oliveros - Jan 3, 2013

BroadwayWorld Philippines, the country's premier online news source for everything theater, received an award for promoting original Filipino plays and musicals from the Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), a non-profit, non-stock theater organization that has produced multi- award winning musical "Cory ng Edsa" and the Palanca Award-winning play "Ang Bangkay." (more...)

JOE: Deconstructing Jose Rizal for Young Audiences
by Oliver Oliveros - Jul 18, 2012

Philippine Stagers Foundation, the creator of original Filipino musicals "Cory ng EDSA" and "Enzo Santo," comes up with another captivating production in "Joe: The Filipino Rock'sical,' which opened last weekend at St. Cecilia's Auditorium, St. Scholastica's College, and will continue to run there on Saturday, July 21, and on Sunday, July 22, and at the Tanghalang Pasigueño on Sunday, July 29. (more...)

Photo Coverage: JOE, An Original Filipino Rock Musical, Opens
by Oliver Oliveros - Jul 16, 2012

2011 (BWW) Philippines Awards' runaway winner, the Philippine Stagers Foundation, opened its newest theatrical offering, "JOE: The Filipino Rock'sical," an original Filipino rock musical that deconstructs the ideologies of the Philippines' national hero, Jose Rizal, last weekend at St. Cecilia's Auditorium, St. Scholastica's College (more...)