Photo Coverage: Jamie deRoy & Friends Brings FAMILY TIES to the Friars Club
by Stephen Sorokoff - Mar 12, 2015

It was all in the family and all for the family at The Friars Club last night. La Famiglia, Mishpucha, La Familia, CeMbR, Rat Pack, Broadway and Cabaret, were assembled by producers Laura Slutsky and Jamie at the Friars for a spectacular Jamie deRoy & friends show last night. You had to be in the family or know someone in the family to get into the sold out event. Probably no family gathering had so much fun, good food, and great performances as this one did. (more...)

Photo Coverage: The Friars Club Presents DIVA SHOW STOPPERS!
by Stephen Sorokoff - Sep 13, 2011

Among the requirements of being a member in good standing of the Friars Club is that you commit to having a good time, laugh a lot, and have a pallet appreciative of good food & spirits. Once again Friar Randi Levine Miller produced and hosted a special evening. (more...)

Photo Flash: DIVO NIGHT at the Friars Club
by Stephen Sorokoff - Mar 8, 2011

Host & Producer Randie Levine-Miller created a Friars Club evening that lived up to Abbot Jerry Lewis's statement 'Good Fellowship, Friendship and Fraternity form the sturdy basis that makes the Friars club what it is.' (more...)