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Who Played Performer in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Alex McAvoy West End1972
Andrew Robertson West End1972
David Wynn West End1972
Gavin Reed West End1972
Ian Charleson West End1972
Ian Trigger West End1972
Jeremy James-Taylor West End1972
Joan Heal West End1972
Mason Taylor West End1972
Paul Brooke West End1972
Richard Kane West End1972
Riggs O'Hara West End1972
John Ganzer Broadway1982
Michael Howell Deane Broadway1982
Rosalyn Rahn Broadway1982
Stephen Bourneuf Broadway1982
Terri Homberg Broadway1982
Aubrey Woods West End1991
Caroline Dillon West End1991
Connor Byrne West End1991
David Easter West End1991
Elizabeth Renihan West End1991
Gael Johnson West End1991
Jacqui Harman West End1991
Jacqui Jameson West End1991
Jason Moore (ii) West End1991
Jocelyn Vodovoz Cook West End1991
Johnny Amobi West End1991
Mark Frendo West End1991
Megan Kelly West End1991
Michael W Small West End1991
Nadia Strahan West End1991
Nicolas Colicos West End1991
Patrick Clancy West End1991
Paul Tomkinson West End1991
Peter Bishop West End1991
Philip Cox West End1991
Sonia Swaby West End1991
Donny Osmond Toronto1992
Janet Metz Toronto1992
Johnny Seaton Toronto1992
Karen Holness Toronto1992
Michael Fletcher Toronto1992
Rufus Bonds Toronto1992
Trent Armand Kendall Toronto1992
Andrew Makay Broadway1993
Gina Trano Broadway1993
Janet Rothermel Broadway1993
Kelli Severson Broadway1993
Matthew Zarley Broadway1993
Ron Kellum Broadway1993
Malcolm Rennie London Fringe1996
Dennis Silkwood Regional (US)2000
Ahmed Hamad West End2019
Blythe Jandoo West End2019
Lydia Bannister West End2019
Matthew Roland West End2019