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Who Played Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Gary Bond West End1972
Bill Hutton Off-Broadway1981
Bill Hutton Off-Broadway1981
Allen Fawcett Broadway1982
Allen Fawcett Broadway1982
Andy Gibb Broadway1982
Bill Hutton Broadway1982
David Cassidy Broadway1982
Doug Voet Broadway1982
John Ganzer Broadway1982
Jason Donovan West End1991
Matthew Zarley Broadway1993
Michael Damian Broadway1993
Michael Damian Los Angeles1993
Ty Taylor Broadway1993
Darren Day UK Tour1994
Phillip Schofield London Fringe1996
Patrick Cassidy Milburn, NJ (Regional)1999
West End2003
Darren Day West End2003
Stephen Gately West End2003
Patrick Cassidy US Tour2005
Ace Young US Tour2014
Joe McElderry West End2017
Jac Yarrow West End2019
Noah Galvin Off-Broadway2020
Jac Yarrow West End2021