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Who Played Hedda Tesman in Hedda Gabler

Elizabeth Robins Broadway1898
Mrs. Fiske Broadway1903
Mrs. Fiske Broadway1904
Nance O'Neil Broadway1904
Alla Nazimova Broadway1906
Alla Nazimova Broadway1907
Clare Eames Broadway1924
Emily Stevens Broadway1926
Eva Le Gallienne Broadway1928
Eva Le Gallienne Broadway1928
Blanche Yurka Broadway1929
Alla Nazimova Broadway1936
Katina Paxinou Broadway1942
Eva Le Gallienne Broadway1948
Eva Le Gallienne Broadway1948
Claire Bloom Broadway1971
Kelly McGillis Broadway1994
Sarah Long Broadway1994
Kate Burton Broadway2001
Tina Benko Broadway2001
Mary-Louise Parker Broadway2009