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BWW Review: ATC Closes Season With World Premiere of HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN SON

While vacuous debates are brewing about Critical Race Theory, and noxious mobs are chanting Don't Say Gay, Chris Pena's play reminds us that America is not only a work in progress, but a fragile ship at risk of capsizing. Cries of Replacement Theory are a clear indication of America's Potemkin meritocracy, where political optics have a way to whitewash the squalor within. Beyond the cutural lessons of immigration and the endearing tale of a father and a son, HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN SON unveils a nasty old game, one that is rigged incesantly against the perceived minority in favor of existing power brokers.

BWW Interview: Artistic Director Sean Daniels Talks Diversity, Reflecting Community Values, Upcoming Season at Arizona Theatre Company

Our first three shows, coming back, are all very charming, just laugh-out-loud good nights in the theatre. I always believe that theatre is a place for society to kind of wrestle with feelings and come up with new ideas about how we can heal and change. It's also sometimes just a great night out. There's nothing wrong with going and laughing -- and I think coming out of the pandemic, that is what we're gonna want.

Nick Mezins Releases THE TIDINGS

Over a period of 30 years, Nick Mezins' parents received information from spiritual beings about the creation of the universe. This divine information makes up 'The Tidings,' the first volume of a six-part series translated by Mezins.

'Party Girl Nurse's Journey' is Released

The severity of drug abuse in the United States and the world is made evident as Victoria Godwin details the impacts of drug addiction in her debut novel 'Party Girl Nurse's Journey.'

LET MY PEOPLE GO is Released

Addiction is one of the most prominent issues society faces and is a complex subject matter. In his new book, Albert Stuart Reece addresses this vast topic by bringing insights from his extensive medical experience in working with addicts.

First Book of Trilogy THE VALUE OF EQUALITY is Released

The late 1960s were turbulent times in the Philippines with rebel groups vying for political reformation and new leadership, as depicted in Cristie Locsin's 'The Value of Equality.' A work of historical fiction, the book represents the first part of a proposed trilogy and is inspired by the experiences of Locsin's family in the Philippines.


Learning the guitar just got easier with the release of 'Discovering Your Guitar.' The book, by Sydney-based author Bill Auer, is a musical book chock full of valuable information for aspiring guitar players, seasoned guitar players and song writers alike.

Forestry Expert Shares 'Forestry Flavours of the Month'

Based on the author's life as a forester in dozens of countries, Alastair Fraser's book 'Forestry Flavours of the Month' shows the expansive field of forestry and how it needs to focus on managing change and achieving sustainability.

'More Light on the Expanding Universe' is Released

'More Light on the Expanding Universe' by Les Hardison proposes a system of treating all time-related quantities differently than modern physics accepts, overturning many theories regarding space, time, and motion.

Caspian Ray Releases WALKING PATAGONIA

Taking the journey of a lifetime, author Caspian Ray shares his story of traveling through Patagonia on foot, living a series of adventures, being immersed in local cultures, and falling in love in his book 'Walking Patagonia.'

W.E. Welbourne Shares His PILGRIMAGE TO CRETE

Following in the footsteps of his uncle who served during World War II, author W.E. Welbourne shares the historical travelogue and human interest story 'Pilgrimage to Crete.'

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