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At Home Artists Project Presents Short PlayFest: LOVE ON THE ROCKS

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The Live stream will be on October 22nd at 8:00pm ET.

At Home Artists Project Presents Short PlayFest: LOVE ON THE ROCKS

At Home Artist Project Presents Short PlayFest: Love On The Rocks, featuring three different plays each with a full creative team, all from the comfort of home! At Home Artists Project is a virtual space for new work. They create compelling live entertainment in order to fill the current cultural vacuum and promote a sense of community in a time of isolation, all while aiming to help support affected artists and philanthropic arts organizations. Since the pandemic has started they have raised almost $2,000 for artists and $1,000 for charities all through donation-based digital performances and presentations. You can learn more about their past productions here. All money raised for Love On The Rocks through donations will be split amongst all the artists involved and the Cody Renard Richard Scholarship.

Love On The Rocks is comprised of three original plays with Scenic Design by Antonio DiBernardo, Costume Design by Carloyn Mazuca, and Sound Design by Austin Pogrob. Alex Talbot serves as the Stream Engineer, with Mariah Pepper as Producer, Evan Schild as General Manager and Festival Stage Manager, Rebecca Meckler as Production Manager, and Jacquelyn Gutierrez as Director of Marketing.

The Live stream will be on October 22nd at 8:00pm ET. You can access the stream through their Website, Facebook page, and Youtube page. Any gracious donations can be made here.

No Italian is written by Ali Keller and Directed by Michael Poyntz. Staring Clio Contogenis and Kathryn Markey. It's 1943 in New York. First-generation Italian American Emelia is living on a Governor's Island Army Base in a multi-family home and has finally convinced her Sicilian mother, Stella, to come visit her. But Stella isn't there to reconnect with her daughter, she's there to bring her back to Brooklyn.

The Biggest F***in' Lie I Ever Told is written by Ryan Sans and Directed by Cameron King. Starring Saran Bakari and Jack Levenberg. A pair of ex-lovers discover the other is alive and meet up in an abandoned Manhattan subway station amidst the zombie apocalypse.

The last play of the festival will be Alright, Love You, Bye. Written by Elise Reaves and directed by Rachel Pospisil. Starring Cate Hayman, Linda Holston, and Emma Kowalchuk. With the help of her therapist, Toni confronts memories of her mother, who is a recovering drug addict... and a puppet. As Toni dissects their relationship she discovers generational trauma can be transformed into generational healing; and it starts with her.

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