ACT Inc. Brings POE Back to Phoenix 10/8-10/30

ACT Inc. Brings POE Back to Phoenix 10/8-10/30

Arizona Curriculum Theater returns to Phoenix to present their annual horror offering of Edgar Allan Poe stories set in an asylum for the criminally insane. POE 2010 will run every Friday and Saturday between October 8th and October 30th. The show has been expanded for this Halloween season to include two separate performances at 8pm and 10pm. The 8pm show will include ANNABEL LEE, THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, and THE RAVEN, while the 10pm performance features THE BLACK CAT and THE TELL-TALE HEART. The horror will take place at Soul Invictus, 1022 Grand Avenue, Phoenix in the Lower Grand Avenue Arts District. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online at

"Our ticket price is a fraction of the cost for one of those walk-through haunted houses," said James David Porter, the founder of Arizona Curriculum Theater. "But our show is longer and scarier. Poe wrote true horror, and it has been frightening people for 160 years."

POE played to both critical success and sold-out crowds last season. Porter credits POE's success to high quality acting as well as the show's unique premise. "We give Poe a little twist," he said. "We place Poe's characters in an insane asylum, and that adds a whole new level of fright. Audiences come away with the impression that they've spent an hour sitting in the same room with some very scary people."

Soul Invictus is located at 1022 Grand Avenue next door to the Paisley Violin cafe in the Lower Grand Avenue Arts District. "It's a very small, intimate theatre," Porter said. "The entire audience is very close to the action, so it's intense."

POE 2010 runs every Friday and Saturday at 8pm and 10pm between October 8th and October 30th and stars veteran actors Jim Coates, Jason Barth, and James David Porter. Visit for more information, or call Arizona Curriculum Theater at 1-888-343-4228.
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