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VIDEO: Pixel Playhouse Presents FAKE NEWS - THE MUSICAL


Fake news! Watch out for... Fake news! The truth is something we don’t get to choose...

Pixel Playhouse has released a new parody music video entitled Fake News - The Musical!

Check out the video below!


Monica Ricketts, Kay Sibal, Michael Hackett, Ally Teeples

Song by:

Dylan Schifrin, Max Berlin,

Orchestrations by:

Ron Passaro

Audio Mixing and Mastering by:

Shawn P. Russell

Directed by

Vijay Nazareth

Produced by:

Graham Wetterhahn


Why, I've explored the Internet since 1995
I've wondered Wikipedia since before you were alive
I've searched through every searchbar, Googled Yahoo, Yahooed Bing
To find misinformation is a terrifying thing
You'll spot it in an article with sources left uncited
Or maybe in a tweet or two with followers ignited
A hedonistic headline might be baiting you for clicks
But don't let all this "journalism" get you with its tricks

Fake News! Fake News!
The truth is something you don't get to choose
You've got to understand this propaganda's out of hand
With every cite I've trekked
Another fact unchecked

Fake News! Fake News!
You'd be surprised how quickly it accrues

Informational myopia will soon become dystopia
A wretched cornucopia of lies
But we can fight the trend--even put it to an end
When we browse with more critical eyes

Step one: what's the source? It should be credible, of course!
Historically reliable and proven undeniable

Step two: READ OR LISTEN past the headline--or the soundbite!
If skimming's how you do it, then you probably shouldn't view it

Step three: what's the tone? Can it's true intent be known?
It is factually empirical or actually satirical?

Step four: think it through, does it resonate with you?
And if even if it does, well, that doesn't mean it's true
So keep your thoughts intact: an opinion's not a fact

Finally step five: try a deeper dive
Your echo chamber's breachable
The world out there is reachable
So search for more research and you can keep my friends alive

So let's watch out for:
Fake news!
Watch out for...
Fake news!
The truth is something we don't get to choose
Come on!
You've got to realize that these lies are in disguise
But once you learn to spot 'em
By Google, now we've got 'em!

Fake News!
Watch out for...
Fake news!
Misinformation's not without its cues

If media is apocryphal it could be catastrophical
Our minds will soon be chock full of deceit
But we won't be the fools, if we utilize these tools
And render these pretenders obsolete!

When the news is fake
With people's trust at stake
A lie could lead a movement
A hatred-filled mistake
Those who seek authority
To prey on the majority
Their interests take priority
Over what we need to hear

The convictions they affirm
Will twist the very term
To invalidate reality
With ignorance and fear

It's harder to accept the truth we don't want to believe
But when we work together there is nothing that we can't achieve
With nothing left to misconceive as

Fake News! Fake News!
The truth is something we don't get to choose
No need to be a Karen, give this video a share and
You can stop the downward spiral
If we make this message viral

Fake News!
(IE: let's stop the...)
Fake News!
It's time to pay democracy its dues
If we can stand united then it's easily indicted
So let's learn to fight this information war
Be it FOX or MSNBC, when news is written honestly
All: the Internet is safer to explore!

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