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Review - America Votes For The Tony Awards!

You know it's all heading in this direction, don't you? So why delay the inevitable and let's make 2010 the first year where America Votes For The Tony Awards!

It's very simple. There are no nominees. On the night of the award broadcast each new musical or musical revival that is still running (because, face it, they're the only ones that count) will be allowed five minutes of air time to showcase their production. New plays and play revivals will each be showcased by having a Hollywood star who has, "always dreamed of being on Broadway someday," give a ten second introduction to a three-second video of the play's best line. Television viewers can then vote for their favorite play, musical, actors, book, score & revival from their phones or home computers. Actually, they can start voting as soon as the program begins without having to watch a moment from any of the shows. (See, it's just like the regular Tonys!)

I believe this system will help make theatre relevant again because it will help protect Broadway's highest honor from the influence of elitist snobs who feel they have to see everything before deciding which was the best. And because the award comes from the people... the people who generally don't bother going to live theatre... the people who can form strong opinions from out-of-context snippets, it will mean that much more.

Oh, you're wondering how to decide who wins the design awards? I can answer that question with three irresistible words...




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