Psittacus Productions Presents A TRUE HISTORY at Vineyard Theatre, 12/19

Psittacus Productions Presents A TRUE HISTORY at Vineyard Theatre, 12/19

Psittacus Productions presents "A True History", a New Play by Chas LiBretto, directed by Louis Butelli in an experimental reading at Vineyard Theatre, 108 E. 15th Street, NYC, Weds, 12/19 at 4pm. Free and open to the public, drinks and merriment afterwards.

In just one day, from 10am until our curtain at 4pm, the theatre will bring together 8 actors, 4 dancers, 3 live musicians, and a puppeteer. Whatever they can come up, they will present as a staged reading - with bells and whistles - that afternoon. Come see if they succeed...or fail!

"A True History" is a 90 minute multimedia meditation on myth, magic, science, religion, and philosophy that takes its inspiration from several works by a 2nd century Roman satirist named Lucian of Samosata, a public intellectual in the vein of Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain. The play takes its title from Lucian's own "True History," a satiric essay that some consider the first work of science fiction in Western Literature.

Lucian is bored with life in 2nd century Rome. He seeks adventure and excitement. Following a misadventure unmasking a fraudulent snake god called Glycon, he and his student Eva join up with their old friend, the sea captain Scintharus to find the ends of the earth. Joined by Justin, a cultist on the run from the authorities, they discover wonders undreamed of even by Lucian's literary hero Homer: a river of wine, an enchanted tree woman, a journey to the moon via waterspout, an interstellar war between Endymion and the sun, Jonah in the belly of the whale, and finally Homer himself, retired and immortal in the Elysian Fields.

Our show questions the myths and legends that gave shape to the last 2,000 years of Western history. Using dance, puppetry, live music, and a versatile ensemble of actors, we ask our audiences to question truths. How much are we to believe what storytellers actually tell us? How much of what we accept as history is reliable? Are the foundations of our society (government, literature, religion, national pride) as firm as we have been led to believe? What is Faith? Is Faith enough?

Reading will feature the talents of Jennifer Barnhart (Avenue Q), Zach Appelman (War Horse), Paul Corning (Cyclops), David Paarlberg (The Hollows), and others.

"A True History" previously had a World Premier workshop production at the Professional Theater Workshop, The Lost Colony, Manteo, NC.

Psittacus Productions is a 501c3 nonprofit theater company based in New York City. Its work has been performed at such venues as Pasadena Playhouse, Son of Semele Ensemble, 47th Street Theater, Falcon Music Club, the historic Waterside Theater on the Outer Banks, and Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Awards include: LA Weekly Theater Award (plus 4 nominations), New York Musical Theatre Festival Award for Excellence, Special Jury Nominee - 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

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