Live & In Color Presents a Series of Virtual Plays, DAYS OF RE-CREATION

The series, which launches online on September 10 at 7 p.m., is a contemporary reimagining of The Book of Genesis.

By: Aug. 31, 2020

Live & In Color Presents a Series of Virtual Plays, DAYS OF RE-CREATION

In the midst of "darkness on the face of the deep", new works development organization Live & In Color is launching their latest online initiative Days of Re-Creation, a seven part series of short plays written to be performed specifically on a virtual platform. As its title suggests, the series, which launches online on September 10 at 7 p.m. (Eastern Time) via L&IC's digital channels, is a contemporary reimagining of The Book of Genesis inspired by our current troubling times.

"We are living in a time of incredible upheaval," says L&IC Director of New Works Dennis Corsi. "Our daily lives are unrecognizable from a year ago. As a country we are undergoing a deep reexamination of the institutions that surround us. Each day it feels like we are recreating ourselves as individuals and rebuilding in new and better ways what has been corroded or purposefully torn down."

For L&IC, the artistic antidote is to take things back to "in the beginning" with an assemblage of BIPOC talent that is at the core of L&IC's mission statement. Spearheading the talent are a diverse group of playwrights who were tasked with creating each biblically inspired segment of Days of Re-Creation. They are:

Three Karens (Light and Dark) by BD Wong (M. Butterfly)

The Strong Friend, and Company (Sky and Water) by Masi Asare (The Family Resemblance)

SoilMates (Land and Plants) by SEVAN (Public Theatre, NYTW, Flea Theatre)

To the Stars, With Love (Planets and Stars) by Nandita Shenoy (Rage Play)

The Nerd (Fish and Birds) by Lauren Yee (Cambodian Rock Band)

S.C.R.I (Land Animals and Humans) by AriDy Nox (Resident Playwright Power Street Theatre)

La Egoista (Rest) by Erlina Ortiz (Project Tiresias)

The talented ensemble set to bring the playwrights' language to digital life are: Sherz Aletaha (Disaster!), Anastasia Barzee (Urinetown), Jonathan Burke (The Inheritance), Kimberly Chatterjee (Life Sucks), Cindy Cheung (Lady in the Water), Marc delaCruz (Hamilton), Angel Desai (Company), Jared Dixon (Hamilton), Linedy Genao (On Your Feet!), Kai Heath (Much Ado About Nothing), Kennedy Kanagawa (Lolita, My Love), Lacretta (Disaster!), L Morgan Lee (A Strange Loop), Brandi Porter (A Bronx Tale), Gabriela Cristina Rivera (54 Below), Sushma Saha (Interstate), SEVAN (Bunty Berman Presents), Jason Veasey (The Lion King), C. Kelly Wright (The Great Mac Daddy), and Sunny the cat. Set to direct are Andréa Burns (In the Heights), Dennis Corsi (The Commedia Cinderella), Tiffany Nichole Greene (Hamilton), Devanand Janki (Zanna Don't!), Alan Muraoka (Sesame Street) and Aneesh Sheth (Jessica Jones).

"I am in complete awe of how this completely diverse team of, six directors, seven playwrights, 19 actors and one cat, have come together so quickly to create something truly unique and completely innovative," boasts L&IC founder and artistic director Devanand Janki. "These are seven very special plays, born from our common experiences during this unprecedented time."

"None of us know how the performing arts will look after this Pandemic is over," Janki continues. "In the meantime, I think it is essential that theaters across this country start to come together in collaboration in order to survive this. This beautiful kaleidoscope of stories is Live & In Color's gift to the artistic community at large. My hope is that it inspires us all to keep creating... and re-creating."

The brainchild of Lucille Lortel Award-winning director and choreographer Devanand Janki, Live & In Color develops new work for the stage that promotes and celebrates diversity. Emphasizing non-traditional casting, multi-ethnic participants, and bold theatricality, LAIC offers unique development opportunities for new plays and musicals that encourage dialogue among artists from a variety of cultures. To learn more about Live & In Color visit