Captivating Moves: Uroboros/Akmé Takes Center Stage at SoHo Playhouse's U.S. Premiere

The Argentinian show is running Off-Broadway from January 22nd to February 4th as part of the 2024 International Fringe Encore Series. 

By: Feb. 02, 2024
Captivating Moves: Uroboros/Akmé Takes Center Stage at SoHo Playhouse's U.S. Premiere

In the heart of New York City, at the SoHo Playhouse, the stage is set for a captivating U.S. premiere of the modern dance show, Uroboros/Akmé. Created and performed by the talented duo Nuria Argiles from Spain and Sabino Barbieri, Venezuelan with Italian roots, this captivating dance show is running Off-Broadway from January 22nd to February 4th as part of the 2024 International Fringe Encore Series.

Fresh from their success at the Catania Fringe Festival in Italy, Sabino Barbieri and Nuria Argiles bring forth their modern dance creations, Uroboros and Akmé. Uroboros tenderly brings moments of life's cycle to the stage, inviting everyone to connect with its relatable themes. Akmé, on the other hand, delves into sensations pushing the limits, using the dancers' bodies to craft images open to the viewer's interpretation. The choreography is not just a dance; it's a journey into the world of relationships, both those shared with others and the introspective ones we have with ourselves.

Captivating Moves: Uroboros/Akmé Takes Center Stage at SoHo Playhouse's U.S. Premiere
Nuria Argiles and Sabino Barbieri - Uroboros-

Uroboros and Akmé are two contemporary dance pieces, each unique in its expression. Uroboros, drawing from various dance styles, physical theater, and performance, carries a playful and fun tone that contrasts with the intense movements reflecting the human journey from birth to death. Meanwhile, Akmé lays bare sensations that test boundaries, using bodies as canvases for open-ended interpretations. The stimulating choreography transports audiences into the realm of relationships, providing a glimpse into the complexities of human connection.

We delved into a conversation with the performers Nuria Argiles and Sabino Barbieri, exploring their experiences in the United States, the origins of their collaboration, and the physical preparation required for their demanding show. In a brief interview, Nuria shed light on the creative process and unique elements of their captivating production. 

  1. Q: Who created the dance pieces?

    • Nuria Responds: "We did – we created the choreography, the acting, the costumes, the sensations, the entire staging of the show, everything."
  2. Q: What comes first on this show, the music or the dance?

    • Nuria Responds: "First, the movements and the story we want to tell happen. After that, we collaborate with a music composer, sharing our vision for the piece, and they create an original music piece  to complement our ideas."
  3. Q: How is it to dance on water?

    • Nuria Responds: "It's quite challenging, but we believe it adds depth to the dance piece. The water becomes an integral part of the scene, reminiscent of the joy and playfulness of childhood. In the original show, the water was placed to the side, but in this venue, it's at the center, accompanying us throughout the performance. We find this adaptation interesting. 
  1. Q: How did you feel in the United States, specifically in New York, performing your show?

    • Nuria Responds: "We felt very welcomed by the audience; there's a lot of excitement when connecting with them. The experience in New York has been like opening doors, being at the pinnacle of art, a different way of understanding art. The response has been great, reaching people of all different generations. It's like a vote of confidence. After this experience, we have fallen in love with the city. Art is in the air everywhere here, and we want to come back."
  2. Q: Where did you two meet?

    • Nuria Responds: "We live in Bologna, Italy; we have residency there and met while taking a contemporary dance course. I'm Catalan, and Sabino is Venezuelan and Italian. We believe that being from different countries and cultures has benefited the show, making our creation special. It's a plus!"
  3. Q: Is there a phrase or thought that characterizes both of you?

    • Nuria Responds (also on behalf of Sabino): "We always say that:  If both of us believe in our art, it simply works. We've had to make decisions  in the past about things we weren't entirely convinced about, but experience has shown us that  If we both believe in our art and creation, it will reach the audience."
  4. Q: What is the physical preparation like for such a demanding show?

    • Nuria Responds: "Well, apart from being an artist, I am a physical trainer, so that helps. But before each performance, Sabino and I go to the gym. We also do yoga, strength training, and flexibility exercises – that's the combination we need to be ready for our show. In our daily routine, we complement the training by taking as many classes as we can, covering disciplines like ballet or hip hop."

These insights into their feelings, collaboration, and physical preparation offer a deeper understanding of the dedication and teamwork that goes into the creation and performance of Uroboros/Akmé at the SoHo Playhouse.

Captivating Moves: Uroboros/Akmé Takes Center Stage at SoHo Playhouse's U.S. Premiere
Nuria Argiles and Sabino Barbieri. -Akmé-

This exciting production is part of the International Fringe Encore Series, an initiative founded in 2006 by Britt Lafield. Initially focused on selecting outstanding shows from The New York International Fringe Festival, the series now includes the largest Fringe Festivals globally. The aim is to present, promote, and educate audiences about the best productions from each festival, offering emerging artists extended runs Off-Broadway at SoHo Playhouse. These extended runs serve as a platform for future success, as many previous productions featured in the series have gone on to achieve Off-Broadway acclaim and international recognition. For more information, visit

As the SoHo Playhouse proudly hosts this international celebration of the arts, it continues to uphold its mission: to preserve, produce, and present the unique art form known as Off-Broadway Theatre. For more information about SoHo Playhouse, or to purchase tickets for Uroboros/Akmé visit.

The stage is set, the dancers are ready, and the audience is in for a treat as Uroboros/Akmé takes center stage in the heart of New York City.