Interview: Italian Performer, Giorgia Picano: Dancing with A Purpose

Lead Dancer and Choreographer Promoting Environmental and Cultural Messages to inspire Global Change

By: Jun. 10, 2024
Interview: Italian Performer, Giorgia Picano: Dancing with A Purpose
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Giorgia Picano, an Italian dancer and choreographer from Formia (a small city between Rome and Naples), is much more than a performer; she is a messenger who uses her art to convey powerful, world-changing messages. Known for her exceptional talent as a lead dancer and solo performer, Giorgia has enchanted audiences globally with her expressive performances. Her journey from Italy to the heart of New York’s vibrant dance scene exemplifies her dedication to her craft and her mission to promote multiculturalism, environmental awareness, and global unity through the arts.

Early Career and European Influence    Giorgia’s professional journey began with the renowned dance company, "Cie Ballets Serge Alzetta", the first professional jazz company in France.  Giorgia joined the company as lead dancer when it was already based in Nice, and there she danced professionally from 2015 to 2019.  Giorgia toured extensively through France and Italy, performing her favorite dance genre, jazz solos,  that showcased her powerful, emotive style. This period also included television appearances and international tours, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable lead dancer. 

Interview: Italian Performer, Giorgia Picano: Dancing with A Purpose
French performances.  Photo Credit: Nicolas Teboul

New York and Jazz Exploration.  In her quest to deepen her understanding of jazz—a genre she believes finds its true essence in New York—Giorgia relocated to the city that never sleeps. Here, she immersed herself in the rich cultural tapestry and vibrant jazz scene, drawing inspiration from its history and dynamic evolution.

Multiculturalism and Artistic Advocacy.   Giorgia's work with 'Incanto Productions' exemplifies her commitment to using art for social good. Incanto Productions focuses on promoting multiculturalism through Educational Musicals and performances for children. The company’s mission aligns perfectly with Giorgia’s vision of art as a vehicle for important societal messages, such as environmental conservation and the celebration of beauty. Her ability to connect with younger audiences and impart these critical messages made her an invaluable addition to the team.

Interview: Italian Performer, Giorgia Picano: Dancing with A Purpose
Incanto Productions “Seven Worlds” EduMusical 
Photo Credit: Eye of Niles Photography 

Choreographic Ventures and Recent Projects. Recently, Giorgia has expanded her artistic repertoire by venturing into choreography. Her innovative approach involves reimagining classical pieces to resonate with contemporary audiences. This modern twist on traditional dance ensures that her performances remain relevant and engaging. Giorgia has already made significant strides, choreographing original pieces for major events, including the´Sailing World Championships´in Italy, where she represented her country with pride. Next spring 2025, she is set to not only dance but choreograph this major production, continuing to push the boundaries of her creative expression. This new role allows her to further influence the dance world, blending her rich performance history with fresh, inventive choreography.

Interview: Italian Performer, Giorgia Picano: Dancing with A Purpose
'Table of Silence'
at Lincoln Center

Notable Performances and Global Impact. One of Giorgia’s most poignant performances was at the 9/11 Memorial in 2022, organized by Buglisi Dance Theater in partnership with Lincoln Center. This moving tribute, titled "Table of Silence," is a ritual for global unity and peace, performed annually with elite dancers. Giorgia’s participation in this event, marked by a solemn minute of silence at 8:46 AM, underscored her commitment to peace and global solidarity.

Another highlight of her work inspiring global change was her performance at the UNICEF Gala in 2021, where she was invited to dance as lead dancer with 'The Royal Swedish Ballet' and 'Ballet Nice Mediterranée'. The event, themed "Ballet and Jazz Meet Together," featured Giorgia in several powerful solo performances, blending the grace of ballet with the raw energy of jazz.

Cultural Celebrations and Advocacy. Giorgia’s dedication to cultural representation is evident in her participation in the Columbus Day Parade in New York City. Over the past two years, she has both danced and choreographed for this event, celebrating her Italian heritage and embracing the diversity of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Her performances, adorned in traditional Italian attire, are a tribute to the beauty of multiculturalism, a theme she passionately advocates for in one of the world’s most diverse cities.

Interview: Italian Performer, Giorgia Picano: Dancing with A Purpose
Photo credit: The Thief Of Time

Giorgia Picano’s journey from a lead dancer in Europe to a multifaceted artist in New York is a testament to her versatility and dedication. Through her performances and choreography, she continues to inspire and educate, using art as a powerful medium for social change. As she quotes, “I love to use art to talk to people; if I have the opportunity to do that, why not?” Giorgia’s story is one of artistic excellence and profound impact, making her a true beacon of artistry and advocacy in the global dance community.


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