Camila Aldet, an Argentinian making her way to Broadway

From Auditions to Achievement, Camila Aldet's Broadway journey

By: Jan. 16, 2024
Camila Aldet, an Argentinian making her way to Broadway

Camila Aldet, an Argentinian performer, has been making her mark in Broadway's 2nd national tour of "On Your Feet," which kicked off in 2022. Joining the cast in 2023, Camila's dedication to auditions and the challenging process of growth shines through.

Originally auditioning for the ensemble, Camila received a callback that opened doors to principal roles, including the challenging roles of understudy for Gloria's mother and grandmother. Embracing also the role of an on-stage swing, she seamlessly steps into any scene or song as needed, highlighting her remarkable versatility.

Camila Aldet, an Argentinian making her way to Broadway
Opening night for On Your Feet in La Mirada Theatre, California

"I find the most enriching aspect of this tour to be the cultural interchange, starting with the diversity among Latin performers from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and others. Moreover, there's a beautiful exchange happening between the Latino members and the American artists within the cast. As the sole Argentinian among them, Camila takes immense pride in representing her homeland. 'It's a privilege to be an ambassador for my country,' She passionately remarks."

Camila Aldet, an Argentinian making her way to Broadway
Camila Aldet playing ‘Mi Tierra’ number as Gloria Fajardo at Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD

Camila is a dedicated artist, continually honing her craft by immersing herself in New York City's vibrant performing arts scene. She devotes time to voice training, tap dance, acting, jazz theater dance, and various disciplines, including Latin rhythms, all of which enhance her contributions to projects like "On Your Feet." During breaks from touring, she is highly sought after to showcase her artistry at some of New York City's most prestigious venues. With a versatile repertoire that spans from jazz to tangos and boleros, Camila not only demonstrates her musical prowess but also serves as a cultural ambassador, bringing the richness of Argentinian culture to the forefront.

Camila Aldet, an Argentinian making her way to Broadway
 Camila performing 'Tapping the Soul' at Water St. & Washington St., DUMBO       
 Photo Credit: Andres Hernandez

Apart from her commitments to "On Your Feet," Camila embarks on her personal musical project—a fusion of tap dance and singing, showcasing her superb skills and creativity in this delightful performance, where her tap dance shoes serve as the rhythmic foundation for her singing. She has already performed in important venues in NYC, including numerous performances at the legendary Harlem jazz club, Minton’s Playhouse, sharing the stage with Grammy award-winning musicians.

In 2021 and 2022, Camila played a pivotal role in two highly successful productions situated at the iconic intersection of Washington St. and Water St. in Brooklyn. The first, "The Six-Foot Platform," emerged from a collaborative effort between the Dumbo Improvement District and the Brooklyn Arts Council. Camila's production, "Tapping the Soul," not only showcased her exceptional skills as a performer but also emphasized her crucial role as a curator, bringing together some of the foremost tap dancers in New York City. A year later, she was once again called upon, this time to lead and participate in ‘The Dumbo Drop,' a significant event where she displayed her talents in tap dancing and singing alongside guitarist Juan M. Soria, and carefully selected a line-up featuring the Tap Dancing stars of NYC, further solidifying her influence in the vibrant tap dance community of the city.

Camila’s fearless attitude is palpable: "If something scares you, do it anyway. Fear has never paralyzed me in any situation in life. I think It's what defines me as a person."