BWW Interview: My Dance Selfie with TRIP OF LOVE'S Colby Q. Lindeman

His middle initial stands for Quinn, but close friends call him Colby Q. Colby has recently joined the cast of Off-Broadway's song and dance extravaganza, TRIP OF LOVE where he surfs, shimmies and shakes to the pop sounds of the 60's. A graduate of Oklahoma City University, he's appeared on Broadway in WICKED, toured with Radio City, and danced on television in SMASH and BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Get to know a little more about Colby as he talks dance, underwear, and working for Madonna.

If I had to describe going into TRIP OF LOVE as a replacement, it was:

Fun, fast and furious. I was rehearsing during the day, grabbing a quick dinner, and then performing as a swing in Wicked at night. I actually was playing Chistery (the Wicked Witch's head monkey) on Monday night and my first performance at Trip of Love was Tuesday, the very next night! It felt like a whirlwind, but I was lucky to have the support from both casts and awesome dance captains. I couldn't have done it without all of those terrific people.

Section in Trip of Love that I love dancing:

There are so many to choose from! There are two that stand out: In the beginning, I get to initiate the leading lady's journey into our world. That's a fun moment. I also really enjoy dancing the Moon River pas de deux. My partner is phenomenal and we get to dance a beautiful love story. It feels really special. Plus there's an angelic voice floating on a swing high above us. How could it be bad?

Welcoming Colby to Trip Of Love. Photo: Bo Broadwell

Best advice I received from my teachers at Oklahoma City University:

"Is life fair? No. What are you gonna do about it? Get over it!"

My teachers at OCU taught me so much, like the phrase above. However, I think one of the most influential things was that every dance piece was double cast. If you were a lead in a number, you shared it with another guy. That really encouraged a camaraderie, selflessness, and a supportive environment for everyone. You realize life is better when you can be happy for others' success. I love that sense of community.

When someone asks me about my gym regimen, my gut response is:

I usually chalk it up to good genes and the fact that I've been dancing since I was 5. But the truth of the matter is, it takes dedication. You have to show up. And when you have that last bit of the workout left, remember that you can do anything for 30 seconds.

Photo: Jason Jaskot

My favorite memory from touring six seasons with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular:

That's a tough choice, but I met some of my favorite people on the planet during those years. Oh, and doing the Rockette kicks backstage in a huge bear suit was pretty fun.

Most interesting thing about dancing for Madonna:

It was my first time shooting a music video, so I was interested and excited by everything! Madonna is successful for a reason. She is a person who knows exactly what she wants. She expects a lot, and she gives a lot. One hundred percent. That was impressive and inspiring.

The craziest thing I ever did in New York City:

NYC is a crazy place because anything can happen. Once, as part of a product promotion, I ran around Times Square in my underwear! It was the middle of winter. There were tons of tourists and characters all staring. A friend saw it happen and started cracking up. It was quite the adventure. A cold, and bold adventure! Now that I think of it, oddly it wasn't the only time I've been mostly naked in Times Square. I helped auction off Broadway Bares items for Broadway Cares, and I didn't wear a shirt then either!

The Justin Case underwear challenge. Photo: Ryan Tamras

Dance reality show that I'm guilty of watching:

Umm....Does Project Runway count?

Dancer I idolized while growing up:

I have memories of watching clips of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. They were the epitome of debonair. They told stories with a smooth flair. They were magic to me. I also may have pretended to be a backup dancer for Janet (Jackson) in the living room more times then my parents can count. I might still do that...

One of the things I'm most passionate about aside from dancing:

I have been a dancer almost my whole life. I can't imagine doing anything else in this world. Dance can bring happiness to so many people. Though, so can sharing baked goods. I've discovered a real joy in baking over the past couple years. I like trying (and eating) new recipes.

Colby's Wicked monkey selfie.

You can catch Colby twisting the night away in TRIP OF LOVE at Stage 42.

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