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92Y Harkness Dance Center Announces Fall Season Of Online Performances and Conversation

Learn about the full lineup!

92Y Harkness Dance Center has announced its Fall Season of online performances and conversation.

Check out the lineup below!

Process Memoir 6: thenowlater - Journey Two, Mind

Johnnie Cruise Mercer and TheREDprojectNY

Fri, Sep 25, 7 pm, $10

Company/Choreographic Director Johnnie Cruise Mercer leads a developing multi-disciplinary ensemble through a six-year self-reflective (de)construction process.

Process memoir 6: thenowlater is a multi-layered 'movement' choreography charted as four journeys: (Body - Mind - Soul - Heart). Built as an artifact, an exodus toward black (embodied) freedom, PM6: thenowlater Journey Two treks into the mind, as the body calls on actions of allowance, surrender, and embrace.

Process Memoir 6: thenowlater marks itself as the sixth of ten chapters within, A Process Anthology: The Decade from Hell, and the Decade that Followed Suite.

For additional information and credits, please click here.

One door closes, another opens...and the space between

Alice Klock, Florian Lochner and guest artists of FLOCK

Sun, Oct 11, 2 pm, $10

Using doors as a metaphor for life changing moments FLOCK and a team of international movement artists explore times of shift. One door closes, we look for the next opening, and we interact with the space between.

The work will feature the creative artistry and collaboration of Jacqueline Burnett, Rena Butler, the Ebinum Brothers, Jonathan Fredrickson, Nicole Ishimaru, Alice Klock, Florian Lochner, Juliano Nunes, Bruno Roque and David Schultz with music composition by Michael Wall.

Dance Within Your Dance: A Digital Remix

Passion Fruit Dance Company

Fri, Nov 6, 7 pm, $10

What is the groove? How do you find it? How much weight does it hold in self-expression? In Dance Within Your Dance, Tatiana Desardouin invites you to connect with the techniques, rhythms and essence of hip-hop and house dance.

This work shows how, in these communities, we develop, struggle, connect, and create our own and collective signatures. Welcome.

For additional information and credits, please click here.

Infrastructure (of a Work)

Sidra Bell Dance New York in collaboration with Immanuel Wilkins

Fri, Dec 4, 7 pm, $10

Sidra Bell Dance New York and acclaimed saxophonist, composer and arranger Immanuel Wilkins create a digital beginning to what will become a larger in person work over the course of the coming year. Join us to witness the seeds of inspiration and the anatomy of the piece which will continue to grow and transform.

The program will be followed by a live panel discussion and Q&A session with Sidra Bell, the company artists and Immanuel Wilkins.

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