BLACK COMEDY - Elmwood Playhouse Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 26, 2014
Audition Location: Nyack, NY

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"Black Comedy" by Peter Schaffer, a desperate sculptor hopes to impress his fiancee's father and a potential patron by "borrowing" a few antiques from his fussy absent neighbor. Before the guests arrive the main fuse blows, plunging the flat into darkness; only we, the audience, can see what is happening. Unexpected visitors, mistaken identities and surprises arise in every dark corner! The result is chaotic, disastrous and very funny!

Brindsley Miller, a young sculptor (mid to late 20's), intelligent and attractive but nervous and uncertain of himself. Should be athletic and good at physical comedy.

Carol Melkett, Brindsley's fiancee. A young debutante, pretty and spoiled; very silly.

Miss Furnival, a middle-aged lady. Prissy and refined...until alcohol undoes her.

Colonel Melkett, Carol's commanding father. Brisk, barky, yet given to sudden vocal calms which suggest a deep instability. Suspicious of everyone. Being good at pratfalls is a plus.

Harold Gorringe, the bachelor owner of an antique china shop, who has not come out. He is Brindsley's neighbor. His friendship is highly conditional and possessive. A specialist in emotional blackmail, he can become hysterical when slighted or rejected. 30-70.

Schuppanzigh, a German refugee, cultivated and effervescent. He is a happy man, delighted to be in England, even if it means being employed full time by the London Electricity Board. 50's-65 years old.

Clea, Brindsley's ex-girlfriend. Mid-twenties; dazzling, emotional, bright and mischievous.

Georg Bamberger, a German millionaire art collector. 60+.

The action of the play takes place in in Brindsley's apartment.
Time: 9:30 on a Sunday night in the mid-Sixties.

The Elmwood Playhouse
10 Park Street, Nyack, NY 10960.
For additional information, contact Director Melinda Pinto at 914.548.5083 or or visit

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