BACK FROM THE DEAD - The Shop Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted April 18, 2024
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BACK FROM THE DEAD - The Shop Theatre


Back From The Dead

Music and Lyrics by Renegade

Story by Jim Buckshon & Tom Harrison


Renegade Arts Co.

Director: Riley Langford

Music Director: Kerry O’Donovan

Choreographer: Hailey Fowler

Producer: Jim Buckshon


This is a non-equity production with an honorarium.


In the desolate world of the Nowhere, a future North America ravaged by atomic fallout, a renegade group known as 'The No One' scrambles to survive under the rule of the self-appointed President Doctor Genius. As war breaks out and alliances shift, The No One must navigate a treacherous journey through dystopia, encountering eccentric survivors, deceitful societies, power struggles, mutated creatures, and a sexy aviatrix with a droid sidekick and a blimp full of intoxicants. Will Vesper, Daydream, Spike, Priscilla, and Gatsby escape the chaos and find their way to the legendary Greenspace, or will they find out the hard way that they're no one after all?



Renegade Studios, 8877 Selkirk Street, Vancouver.

(604) 689 - 0435

Deadline to submit application:

May 9th, 5:00pm

Audition Dates:

May 11th 10 AM - 6 PM

May 12th 10 AM - 6 PM

Callbacks - May 19th 10 AM - 6 PM


Workshop at The Shop Theatre, 8877 Selkirk St.

July 10th - 13th Tech

Waterfront Theatre 1412 Cartwright St.

Aug. 8th - 11th

Rehearsals: May 29th - July 20th two weeknights 6-10pm, Sundays 10am-6pm generally.

Shop Tech:​ July 21st, 22nd, 23rd all day

Shop Show Dates: July 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th @ 8pm

Waterfront Tech: August 5th, 6th, 7th all day

Waterfront Show Dates: Aug. 8th - 11th

(Dates subject to change)

Seeking actors/singers/dancers for all roles

Anyone outside of the age range that appear the desired age may apply.

All ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

Please prepare a comedic monologue; a wacky bold choice. Max 2 minutes. Cold reads may also be provided at the auditions.

Please bring sheet music for an 80’s rock song and prepare to sing 32 bars with a piano accompanist.

Send resume and headshots to by May 9th.

For reference: Back From The Dead songs:




Cast Size: 16 performers

Cast Type: Ensemble Cast

Dance Requirements: Good movers, some featured dancers

THE NO ONE (Age range: 18 - 25)

Vesper (She/her) - Tough with a gooey centre. Has never had a real family, and desperately wants one. Did some bad things and is trying to make up for them by saving her friends, the family she found and desperately wants to keep together. Keeps calm… on the outside. Scared of vulnerability, as she’s been burned many times.

Daydream (They/them) - Gooey all the way through. Wistfully remembers the world before the end, but has accepted their reality. A philosophical, poetic sort. Loves vulnerability.

Priscilla (She/her) - Optimistic, loving, and soft. Only gives one chance before she’ll shoot you, though. Offer her a sensory experience, and she’s in. An apocalyptic fairy princess.

Gatsby (He/him) - Cynicist with seemingly-unshakable morals. Five minutes away from snapping. Charismatic, political, without faith that things will turn out all right. Searching for a home that makes sense to him. Too sarcastic by half. Speaks up, even when he shouldn’t.

Spike (He/him) - Tough as nails, but proud of his cooking skills. Total punk. Will try anything once. Practical, loyal, good in a fight. Has a thing for robots. Pretty funny, but no one notices.


Jay the Aviatrix (She/her) (Age range: 18-25) - A glamorous aviatrix with a collection of drugs, a zeppelin, and a desperation for companionship. Lives life to the fullest… Maybe too much to the fullest. Speaks in a transatlantic accent and charms the pants off everybody she meets; it only becomes a problem when they want their pants back.

Her sidekick, D.O.R.A. the Droid (She/her) (Age range: 18-25) - Wise, helpful, robotic, sexy. Programmed to be obedient, but somehow yearns for more.

Whys Man (He/him) (Age range: 30 - 60) - Strange, wise, crooked man who provides psychedelic guidance. He always says the word ‘why’ with an aspirated H.

Notion (He/him or they/them) (Age range: 18 - 25) - Hairdresser defector with a thirst for power and a thing for tough girls. Needy, desperate, unhinged but tries to hide it. Codependent. Thinks he’s in a movie.


Champagne Laserbeam (She/her) (Age range: 18-25) - Making the most of a bad situation, Champagne Laserbeam reinvented herself as a rock star dictator when the opportunity presented itself and has never been happier. Fabulous.

Supernova Dynamite (She/her) (Age range: 18-25) - Right at home as the leader of a group of over-sexed party people who need a leader to schedule their debauchery for them. Very good at talking people into things. Knows more and is sharper than she lets on. A glittering, evangelical siren.

President Doctor Genius (He/him) (Age range: 30-50) - Big Brother, if Big Brother was a mad scientist who watched too much TV.

ENSEMBLE ROLES (Age range: 18 - 25)
Some featured roles noted above double for ensemble. Maybe ensemble roles have comedic lines.

The Belief Police - Fascists
The Survivors - Punks
The Immune and Their Disciples - Lost souls searching for someone to fulfill their mommy issues in a tough apocalypse.
The Phantasopolis Immune - Hedonist glamazons who yearn for oppression.

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