ANNA IN THE TROPICS BY NILO CRUZ - Merely Players Presents Non Equity Auditions

Posted May 6, 2024
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ANNA IN THE TROPICS BY NILO CRUZ - Merely Players Presents


? Actors auditioning for all roles must be bilingual in English and Spanish.
? Auditions will consist of cold reading from the script in both English and Spanish
? Additionally, actors should prepare a dramatic monologue (60 to 90 seconds) in
either English or Spanish (your choice) showcasing your ability to convey emotion
and depth.
? The actors cast in the roles of Juan Julian and Conchita will have intimate scenes;
an Intimacy Director has been hired to coach and guide actors through these
delicate scenes and actors must be comfortable working with this type of material.

To Schedule an Audition: Please
sign up for an audition slot.

? Audition sides will be provided upon arrival
? Read through will be held late June or early July (TBD)
? Rehearsals will take place every Tuesday 7:00, Thursday 7:00, Saturday 10:30
? All who are cast will receive a stipend of $100 minimum

Anna in the Tropics is a poignant and sensual drama set in a Cuban-American cigar
factory in 1929 Florida. The story revolves around the lives of the workers, deeply
impacted by the introduction of a new lector who reads to them from Anna Karenina by
Leo Tolstoy. As the characters become engrossed in the novel, their own lives start to
mirror the themes of love, betrayal, and societal constraints present in the classic
Russian tale.


5 Men Ages 30s – 50s
3 Woman Ages 20s – 40s

? Juan Julian: (Age: Late 20s to early 30s) - Juan Julian is a charming and
well-educated man in his late 20s to early 30s. He exudes an air of sophistication
and brings a sense of romance to the cigar factory. His presence as the lector
introduces the workers to literature and serves as a catalyst for change in their lives.

? Conchita: (Age: Late 20s) - Conchita is a woman in her late 20s, married to
Palomo. She is passionate and introspective, finding solace and inspiration in the
story of Anna Karenina. Conchita grapples with her desires, her role as a wife, and
her longing for something more in life.

? Palomo: (Age: Early 30s) - Palomo is Conchita's husband, a man in his early 30s
who works alongside her in the cigar factory. He is traditional and proud, but also
prone to jealousy and insecurity, particularly in response to Juan Julian's presence
and his wife's growing infatuation with the lector.

? Santiago: (Age: 40s to 50s) - Santiago is the owner of the cigar factory, a man in
his 40s to 50s. He is a businessman who values tradition but is open to new ideas,
as evidenced by his decision to hire Juan Julian as the lector to boost morale among
the workers.

? Marela: (Age: Late teens to early 20s) - Marela is Conchita's younger sister, a
woman in her late teens to early 20s. She is idealistic, romantic, and deeply affected
by the story of Anna Karenina. Marela forms a close bond with Juan Julian and
seeks to understand her own desires and dreams.

? Cheché: (Age: 30s to 40s) - Cheché is Santiago's half-brother, a man in his 30s to
40s who resents him and desires control of the factory. He represents the
encroachment of modernity and capitalism on traditional Cuban ways of life, serving
as a foil to Santiago's more traditional values.


? Ofelia: (Age: 40s to 50s) - Ofelia is the powerful wife of Santiago, and she spends a great deal of time reviling him for all of the problems that he brings upon himself (drunkenness, excessive gambling). Nonetheless, she is not at all a stern woman, but rather someone who enjoys fantasizing about a better life and indulging in romantic daydreaming.


? Eliades: (Age: 30s-40s) - Eliades is a gamester who takes wagers on the local cockfights he runs. (this role may be double cast with Cheché)

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