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New Jersey Ballet's Hansel & Gretel at Mayo Performing Arts Center




Mayo Performing Arts Center

100 South Street
Morristown,NJ 07960

Tickets Info

$25 | $20 | $15
Phone: (973) 539-8008

New Jersey Ballet's Hansel & Gretel in New Jersey

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This two-act ballet is a lively re-telling of the well-known fairytale about a brother and sister who wander into a forest where they are captured by a witch in a fantastic gingerbread house. In a classic good-triumphs-over-evil plot, the spunky youngsters defeat the witch, free other children she had baked into gingerbread, and are reunited with their loving parents in the happily-ever-after finale. The ballet incorporates the beautiful Englebert Humperdinck “Fourteen Angels” bedtime prayer and features New Jersey Ballet’s original “storyteller” narration so even the littlest theatergoer can keep up with ease.

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