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BWW Blog: Christopher Panella - Applying for College and Choosing Your Path

Hello, readers! It's been a long time since I've uploaded an article. My high school readers know that the January to April area is a particularly difficult one, especially with AP classes, senior events, and college decisions. I decided that this article should be an update on my past three months and a guide for future seniors who hit those college and future obstacles.

In February, I was accepted to Tufts University through Early Decision II, the second round of binding college decisions. Tufts was my absolute dream school, a place that combined creativity with curiosity. I was nervous to apply to Tufts, but I was hopeful that my application would convey my excitement for higher education and to become a Jumbo. This decision led me to many other decisions, like my future major and area of study. That's the focus of this article: no matter what you study, you can always find time for theater.

Just because we change our future focus doesn't mean we abandoned theater and the arts and will never step on stage again. It actually means the opposite. You can audition in college and outside of college, working with theater companies, and taking classes to improve your craft. Regardless of what you study, the public speaking skills and confidence learned from theater will only improve you as a person. I get to have fun in theater, enjoy myself, and make mistakes. I don't need to focus on the perfection of a performance. I focus on developing my best character and taking risks. Those are all things that can be applied to every occupation. Every job can be fun, every worker makes mistakes, and every worker wants to take risks and grow.

Maybe you have so many interests that you cannot choose just one or two to study. Maybe you want a career in theater that will just be one small part of your entire career. Yet, maybe theater is the only thing you want to study. Maybe an audition-only, hardcore BFA track is perfect for you. Maybe a BA combined with something else is your ideal plan. That's great! At the end of the day, there are so many options out there for theater kids. Even if you don't touch theater again after high school, the skills you learned on stage will benefit you and your career for years. There are so many positives to applying for a theater major for college, but there are also so many positives for applying for something else with the skills and experience gained from your time in theater.

Now that my senior year is practically completed, expect more writing from me and articles about college theater, new paths, and theater advice.

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