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Review: REEFER MADNESS at The Reefer Den

by Harker Jones - June 18, 2024

Everyone is phenomenal, from the performers to the musicians to the set director. It’s manically goofy, laugh-out-loud funny, and sexy in its degradation....

Review: MRS. DOUBTFIRE at Pantages Theatre

by Harker Jones - June 16, 2024

The problem is not that it’s bad — it’s certainly serviceable — so much as it’s unmemorable. Something that should never be said about a character as dynamic as Mrs. Doubtfire....

Review: MAGIC FOR ANIMALS at Hollywood Fringe Festival

by Andrew Child - June 14, 2024

As the mystical opening chords begin to play and Liz Toonkel emerges in a stunning sequined costume designed by Stephen James, one might relax back into their seat, assured that a flashy, polished magic show which meekly follows the formula made popular by Copperfield and Blaine is about to unfold...

Review: JELLY'S LAST JAM at Pasadena Playhouse

by Evan Henerson - June 14, 2024

Director Kent Gash’s production in Pasadena serves up equal parts heat and cool, a slick and sweaty celebration of a man who was as vibrant and dangerous as his music. Under the musical direction of Darryl Archibald and choreography of Dell Howlett – both of which are first-rate – the evening cooks....

Review: THE SANDWICH MINISTRY at Skylight Theatre

by Amanda Callas - June 13, 2024

The Sandwich Ministry is an intimate, small town story. It is about faith, smelly church centers, natural disasters, loss, sandwich fixings, and the struggle to find meaning and community.  Playwright Miranda Rose Hall celebrates the unassuming, rich beauty of female friendship and the things that k...

Review: THE WINTER'S TALE at Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

by Amanda Callas - June 13, 2024

The Winter’s Tale at Will Geer Theatricum Botanical is a true joy of a production. There is a terrific cast of lively, powerhouse performers and many irresistible moments of magic, delight, drama, and fall-out-your-chair-laughing hilarity.  I absolutely loved it....

Review: DURAN DURANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA at Troubadour Theater At The COlony

by Evan Henerson - June 12, 2024

The Bard is back and DURAN DURANTHONY & CLEOPATRA is up to snuff, zanily on point both in its concept and execution. When it comes to pop-Bard hybridization, Walker and his company know exactly what they’re doing....

Review: THE SPY WHO WENT INTO REHAB at Pacific Resident Theatre

by Amanda Callas - June 12, 2024

The Spy Who Went Into Rehab is a cheeky, high-spirited, brilliant new world premiere comedy at the Pacific Resident Theatre.  This sexy, adventurous, romp follows a simple and hilarious premise — what would happen if James Bond were court-ordered to rehab?...

Review: THE RABBIT QUEEN at The Broadwater MainStage

by Tracey Paleo - June 10, 2024

Did I mention that this all takes place in 1726? No? Well, if it weren’t for the popinjays, you would initially think this is a medieval morality play. ...

Review: Disney's Enchanting THE LITTLE MERMAID Swims Back to the La Mirada Theatre

by Michael Quintos - June 10, 2024

La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts' mesmerizing, visually-stunning 2016 production of Disney's stage adaptation of THE LITTLE MERMAID has returned for a limited engagement continuing through June 23, 2024. Filled with colorful costumes and sets and soaring mermaids, this spectacular show will...

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Jelly's Last Jam in Los Angeles Jelly's Last Jam
Pasadena Playhouse (5/29 - 6/23) Tracker
Roots Picnic: Hip-Hop is the Love of My Life in Los Angeles Roots Picnic: Hip-Hop is the Love of My Life
Hollywood Bowl (6/29 - 6/29) Tracker
Revenge of the Space Pandas in Los Angeles Revenge of the Space Pandas
Banzerini House (6/26 - 6/30)

COMEDY Tracker
space exploration because SPACE EXPLORATION because sPaCe eXpLoRaTiOn!!! in Los Angeles space exploration because SPACE EXPLORATION because sPaCe eXpLoRaTiOn!!!
Madnani Theater (6/10 - 6/30) Tracker
Thymele Arts, Kansas Room (6/20 - 6/30) Tracker
Opening Night at the Bowl: Henry Mancini 100th Celebration in Los Angeles Opening Night at the Bowl: Henry Mancini 100th Celebration
Hollywood Bowl (6/23 - 6/23) Tracker
Collaboration LAB in Los Angeles Collaboration LAB
Cool River Pizza & Taphouse Event Room (6/23 - 6/23) Tracker
A Faery Hunt Adventure and Their Animal Friends in Los Angeles A Faery Hunt Adventure and Their Animal Friends
Kindred Spirits Care Farm (8/18 - 8/18)
Footloose in Los Angeles Footloose
Morgan-Wixson Theatre (6/29 - 7/28)
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and Sylvan Esso in Los Angeles Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and Sylvan Esso
Hollywood Bowl (7/21 - 7/21)
The Rabbit Queen in Los Angeles The Rabbit Queen
Broadwater Theater Mainstage (6/8 - 6/29)
Milk: A Very Dairy Sketch Show in Los Angeles Milk: A Very Dairy Sketch Show
The Broadwater Second Stage (6/8 - 6/30)

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