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BWW Blog: Routines of a Theatre-Kid

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BWW Blog: Routines of a Theatre-Kid

As an aspiring actress there are certain routines I keep whether I'm actively rehearsing for a show or not.

1. Listening to Musicals

2. Reading scripts

3. Posting theatre memes

Listening to Musicals

When it comes to waking up, I find I am up by 6:45 in the morning but it's hard for me to stay awake once I am out of bed. So, to boost my energy, I plug in my headphones to listen to my diva songs. Diva songs are songs that always get me hyped and ready for anything that comes at me. My main diva songs are "World Burn" from Mean Girls Broadway, "Legally Blonde (Remix)" from Legally Blonde, and "Candy Store" from Heathers. In fact, Candy Store is the sound of my morning alarm. My other one is "The Squip Enters" from Be More Chill since it always jolts me awake due to the sound effects within the track.

Reading Scripts

I go to two different schools each day and I take my electives at Canoga Park High School. In my Intro to Theatre class, we read Antigone which we will be performing this December. Reading it was a lot of fun since it reminded me how much I love the writing style of screenplays. This routine is more of a sporadic one especially when I'm reading other books in English class or for leisure time. However, the moment I run out of books to read, I'm rereading a musical on my shelf or attempting to write one of my own.

Theatre Memes

While I write my theatre screenplays and fanfics, I simultaneously post theatre memes to my Instagram account (@kaweisntworking) where I interact with theatre kids near and far. One of my highest rated memes is a fanart of JD and Veronica that I found online with a detailed description of how I'd change the Heathers finale one the next slide. Most of my friends are theatre-kids so I find the content is the best for my brand. The last theatre related post I made got over 100 likes which is huge for my account.

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