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BWW Blog: College Theatre Amidst the Pandemic


The theatre department at New Paltz, has decided to do a series of ten staged readings instead of a normal season.

I have been at SUNY New Paltz for about two weeks now. I am currently staying on campus, and I will admit I am nervous about everything. How can you not be? COVID-19 is still a huge problem, and people are still not taking it seriously. However I do my part. I wear my mask, I keep hand sanitizer on me at all times and I stay safe, because I want things to get better. I want us to be better. But I am still here, still learning, and still participating in theatre, and I hope if everyone stays safe here on campus we will be able to do all of the theatre we have planned here at SUNY New Paltz.

The theatre department at New Paltz, has decided to do a series of ten staged readings instead of a normal season which includes four mainstage productions and two praxis shows. The reason behind doing staged readings is it will only be a week's worth of time people spend together, so it is less of a chance of spreading COVID. And in fact two of our shows this semester are going to be streamed live, and I am looking forward to how this will be done. In fact are first show "Cadilliac Crew" will be streamed live this weekend September 12th and the 13th, and I know all the people involved will be working hard to put on the best show they can. Please check it out! It is going to be amazing, and clearly shows we can still do theatre amidst a pandemic.

We are in a new world of theatre now, trying to stay safe but at the same still continue the art we know and love. I am going to be participating in two shows alone this semester. I will be assistant directing the schools production of "Waiting for Lefty" and then I will be playing Pantino/Outlaw in this semester's production of "Two Gentlemen of Verona" Despite everything going on the theatre department is looking at ways to safely continue the art form that is so dear to our hearts, and to continue to give all the students the experience of being apart of a production.

I am nervous it would be foolish not to be nervous. Theatre is still not back in many major cities, but here on my campus we are still going to be putting on a show, just with some adjustments. We are taking precautions and doing the best we can in this world we find ourselves in. People need the arts more than ever I think, and we are going to do our best to give theatre to those who need it most, and to those who need to hear the stories we will be telling this semester. I can't wait to see how this semester goes, I am going to remain hopeful that as long as everyone does their part in this ongoing pandemic we will get to do theatre, and tell stories.

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