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Part 1-Whitesville show poster

Part 1-Whitesville at Open-Door Playhouse

Dates: (3/11/2024 - 3/11/2025 )


Open-Door Playhouse

Open-Door Playhouse

9 Pangloss St Henderson, NV 89002-6538 USA Phone, NV 89002-6538

Phone: 818-437-0177

Tickets: Free

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A white police captain, his white wife, and their two adopted Black teen children try to keep their family from being torn apart as their town and the nation become engulfed in protests in the immediate aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.

Ages: 18 and over

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Open-Door Playhouse is at 9 Pangloss St Henderson, NV 89002-6538 USA Phone, NV 89002-6538, Henderson.

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