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Curves at HaBima Theatre


1/28/2020 - 2/27/2020


HaBima Theatre

Sderot Tarsat 2
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61001

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The award-winning "Crooked" play was written by Martin Sherman in 1979 and has been a success all over the world, renewed several times in London and also aired in Israel. It is an exciting love story that takes place in Nazi Germany.

Max and Rudy are a couple living the decadent Berlin nightlife, at corruption parties: cocaine, orgies and drug shows. The story of Max's persecution opens on the night of the long knives in Berlin, during which senior Nazi officials were slaughtered for their sexual orientation. Max was captured and sent to a concentration camp, where the gay pink badge wearers were suspected of being inferior to the Jews. For this reason, Max decides to impersonate a Jew and wear a yellow badge, provided his sexual identity is not revealed. Within the oppression routine of the concentration camp, Max Horst learns that their forbidden love is growing.

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