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Bertrud and Agnes at HaBima Theatre


12/17/2019 - 12/19/2019


HaBima Theatre

Sderot Tarsat 2
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61001

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Bertud and Agnes are preparing to leave home for New Year's dinner at their daughter, Galia.

Bartod wants to get out already, Agnes lingers. She doesn't remember why they left, where she left her liver chopped, and why her sister, who died three years ago, doesn't come…

Agnes's deceptive memory and confused consciousness compel Bertod to internalize the change in his beloved wife.

The eve of the holiday turns into a whirlwind of absurd, human and exciting situations, which reality and hallucination are used to blend.

Sad-funny show about crumbling memory and strong love

HaBima Theatre Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is HaBima Theatre located?
HaBima Theatre is at Sderot Tarsat 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

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