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Israeli Theatre Awards - A Sweeping Victory For A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR

Israeli Theatre Awards - A Sweeping Victory For A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR

The 23rd annual Theatre Awards ceremony took place last Friday at Habima Theatre.

The play "A Horse Walks into a Bar", based on the novel by David Grossman, has won the award in many major categories, such as: Best Original Play, Best Playwright, Best Performance of an Actor in a Leading Role (Dror Keren) and Best Performance of an Actress in a Supporting Role (Aya Granit Shva).

The Best Director award was given to Irad Rubinstein for his work on "King of Dogs", an original play that also won the awards for Promising Actor (Ofri Biterman) and Best Set Design (Svetlana Berger).

Israeli Theatre Awards - A Sweeping Victory For A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR Among the other awards:

Assi Levi has won the Best Performance of an Actress in a Leading Role award for her performance in "Good People".

The Best Translated Play award has won by "Scenes from a Marriage" while the Best Translator award was given to Eli Bijaoui for "1984".
The award for Best Comedy was given to "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

The Life Achievement award was given to Israeli actress and comedien Rivka Michaeli who was honored with a standing ovation after receving the award.

photo credit: Zvika Tishler, Nitzan Hefner

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