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Pure Theatre Presents THE 3RD SECTOR at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 30 July - 25 August

Pure Theatre Presents THE 3RD SECTOR at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 30 July - 25 August

Premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year, The 3rd Sector inspired by real life events, takes the audience on a dark satirical journey through the modern world of corporate charity.

The play investigates our relationship with charity at a time when spending cuts are felt in every sector, and in every household.

The 3rd Sector is set in a high profile charity, Transplants for Britain and is a dark comedy which explores how your charity contributions are actually spent, and asks you to decide what kind of charity you want to support.

Marlin (Isla Lindsay) thinks that she's hit the jackpot when she lands her dream job with Transplants for Britain, famous organ donation charity and the brainchild of a celebrity rock star couple turned humanitarians. Star struck and fresh from her gap year, Marlin can't wait to join the troops and make a difference.

But alarm bells sound when Marlin runs up against Josh (Toby Manley), Transplants for Britain's smooth talking head of Communications, who's tasked with keeping up the shining front and sweeping any scandals under the rug, including deeds that are seemingly criminal. But as subterfuge and corporate speak runs rampant, the horrifying truth is dawning on both of them. And as Marlin and Josh are pitted against each other ideologically, each is forced to look into their soul and ask if they truly have what it takes to, "give a piece of themselves."

Writer, Paolo Chianta said: "The more I looked into corporate charities, the more interested I became in people's motivations for working for and donating to the voluntary sector. I did a lot of research but ultimately it was the big corporate-style charities that proved the most intriguing and I received some confidential accounts of some jaw-dropping goings on. Almost everything that happens in the play is based on one of these stories in some form or other."

At a time when every penny is precious, what do we expect from the charities we give to, and how do we decide who is worthy of our help?

Join Pure Theatre in their pertinent, dynamic, and socially aware debut performance and have your eyes opened to how your donations are really being spent.

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