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Industry Pro Newsletter: New Partnership with Broadway Licensing, Webinar Replay, and Data on Digital Being Here to Stay

BroadwayWorld Continues to Innovate to Bring Low-Cost, High-Impact Tools to Theatres Across the Globe

February 1, 2021 -

We're now one month into 2021, and while many plans are still being held pretty loosely, more and more companies are developing their plans to return to live in-person performances. In those conversations, they couch those plans in all sorts of disclaimers, but there is a developing sense that by the end of this year things will be starting to feel more 'normal' - and in some places that sense could return even sooner. BroadwayWorld has launched a lot of tools and programs over the course of the last year to help theatres both launch and continue digital programming, and support them as they return to the stage. Editor-in-Chief Robert Diamond joined the Industry Pro Webinar last week to discuss all of them - you can get a link to the replay below. This month's webinar will focus on the social media presence for theatres - you won't want to miss it and the sign up link is at the bottom of this newsletter. But first, we launched a new partnership with Broadway Licensing, Playscripts, and Broadway on Demand to support their licensees and partners both in-person and digital.

BroadwayWorld and Broadway Licensing Team Up

Last week, we were excited to announce a brand new program with Broadway Licensing, Playscripts, and Broadway on Demand to offer turnkey marketing packages as well as support for our new Stage Mag service to licensees.

Read the full announcement and learn more about the program here!

The Theatre Community Mourns the Loss of Cicely Tyson

Legend of stage and screen Cicely Tyson passed away late last week, and our editorial team rounded up a collection of the powerful and moving memorials pouring out from the theatre community in remembrance of the Tony and Emmy Award winner.

Industry Pro Webinar Replay: An Update from BroadwayWorld

Last week on the Industry Pro Webinar we looked back on 2020 and looked ahead to 2021 by exploring the trends in data gathered from surveys deployed by BroadwayWorld to theatres and audiences, how we're reading (and the trends we're seeing) in industry news, and we were joined by BroadwayWorld Editor-in-Chief Robert Diamond to discuss all of the new features, programs, and opportunities that BroadwayWorld launched over the last year - and how those can be utilized to supercharge your marketing. If you missed it, you can catch the replay at the link above!

How to Add Your Show to the Streaming Calendar

Have a streaming show, but you aren't sure about how to list it on the BroadwayWorld Streaming Calendar? We put together a handy tutorial to help you make sure you're taking full advantage of this free listing service from BroadwayWorld.

Business Leaders Look to Theater As An Example of Handling the Unknown

Writing on LinkedIn, David Edelman uses the lessons we can learn from theatre as an art form to describe the great traits of business leaders - reading it as a member of the theatre industry serves as a great reminder about how all of the things that make this form great should permeate all the ways in which we conduct business.

Theatre During a Pandemic: A World of Responses

The Stage offered a roundup this week of the different ways the performing arts industry has moved forward based on their local government response to the pandemic. With countries in very different spots with getting and keeping the virus under control, this article highlights how that has translated onto the theatre industry.

Operas and Orchestras Are Learning to be Nimble

The San Francisco Chronicle explores how long term planning has been hurting the Opera and Classical Music world, and how the pandemic is forcing them to develop a more nimble approach to planning. While the piece doesn't specifically mention large theatre institutions, I know organizations both large and small are feeling a similar need to embrace staying nimble.

Vertical Theatre Group - A Startup Designing Popup Venues for Social Distancing

The venues are designed to be adjustable based on density requirements, fairly quick (if not labor intensive) to get off the ground, and provide protection from the elements while letting fresh air continually circulate throughout the venue.

From HowlRound: Investing in Cultural Equity

"If a theatre's worth is measured by its box office, the size of its subscription base, or the number of productions it puts up in a season, then American theatre will continue to perpetuate a caste system that puts BIPOC organizations several tiers below the regional behemoths...Some have gotten, and others will eventually get, the attention of foundations, but never enough to escape the hand-to-mouth existence that handcuffs their practice as a sort of "special interest" concern." - Ralph Peña

New Survey Data of Small Chicago Theatres Suggests Digital is Here to Stay

Particularly in the realms of fundraising and educational offerings, small companies in Chicago reported significant increases in their return on investment - even as they had to drop prices in their shift to digital. The wider potential reach and the reduction of costs to virtually zero have combined to be a boon to the operations of these small companies, according to the survey conducted by the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation.

Tony Voting Will Occur Between March 1-15, The Awards? TBA

The question that has long remained unanswered for both fans and insiders alike - what is the current state of the Tony Awards? The first phase of an answer was revealed last week when it was announced that the voting process of the awards will take place at the beginning of March. The actual ceremony will take place in coordination with a re-opening of Broadway.

February Industry Pro Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Social Media for Theatre with the BroadwayWorld Social Team!

Join BroadwayWorld's Chloe Rabinowitz and Taylor Brethauer for a discussion of the in's and out's of the various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and tiktok), how BroadwayWorld has grown their accounts in the last year, what posts they've found to be successful, how best to work the algorithm, and what the biggest trends (and how to spot them) are on theatre tiktok! The presentation will be followed by a q+a to answer your questions about social media.

Register Now to Join us Wednesday, February 24th at 3pm Eastern!

Are You Streaming Content?

The BroadwayWorld Streaming Calendar is the go-to resource for theatre audiences looking for a theatrical experience in their own living room. The best part? Listings are completely free of charge (with paid boosting options available). Add your streaming content today!

Need a digital program for your audiences?

Then check out Stage Mag from BroadwayWorld! This modern, fully interactive show program comes with an easy-to-use interface for building your program. Check it out at

Want more information about marketing options with BroadwayWorld? Request a media kit here and a member of our sales and marketing team will reach out promptly.

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