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Locha Gotcha at Prithvi Theatre




Prithvi Theatre

20 Janki Kutir Juhu Church Road
Phone: +91 22 2614 9546

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Age limit: 5+. Writer: Vijay Singh, Manav Pande & Rajiv Singh Director: Manav Pande & Team Artists: Rajiv Singh, Vijay Singh and others The story of this play revolves around a lower middle-class boy who is actually smart and intelligent but due to low confidence and inferiority complex is unable to perform well in life. Then one day he wishes from a falling star that he should get some power to come out of this low situation of his life and next day two aliens from sky come to him to give him the power which actually boosts his confidence and makes him brilliant as never before, but how he takes over the two aliens and makes them his slave and becomes more arrogant and rowdy.

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Where is Prithvi Theatre located?
Prithvi Theatre is at 20 Janki Kutir Juhu Church Road, Mumbai.

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