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Kabab at India Habitat Center: The Stein Auditorium




India Habitat Center: The Stein Auditorium

Lodhi Road, Near Sai Mandir
Delhi,Delhi NCR 110003
Phone: 022 4208 5050

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The story is based within a background of communal unrest where a father and son are murdered for a petty reason in a moment of anger. The widow of Abdul, Sakeena is unable to gather the courage to tell her daughter about this. Her friend Janani visits and advices her to start her life again. Janani and her husband Raunak, decide to send Abida to the city for studying. Underlying this good intention is Janani's desperate need to have a child. She begs Sakeena to have a baby with Raunak. She tries to take advantage of Sakeena's helplessness by showing her dreams of a great life for her daughter Abida who wants to be a doctor. Raunak visits Sakeena everyday but is filled with guilt because he is the one who has killed her husband and son. Abida finds out about the murder from her best friend Aanandi who visits her often. Finally Sakeena succumbs and is ready to have a baby with Raunak. Things take a turn when Abida realises that she is no longer going to be sent to study and she will only be taking care of her step brother.

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