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ACTION HERO Comes to Tampereen Työväen Teatteri Next Month

The premiere of Action Hero is on February 22, 2022 at the Basement Theater.

ACTION HERO Comes to Tampereen Työväen Teatteri Next Month

The new Finnish comedy Action Hero is the play debut in Tampere by Liila Jokelin , one of the most interesting new theater makers of the moment. In the roles of comedy, written and directed by Jokelin, the new casts of the Tampere Workers' Theater, Inke Koskinen and Pyry Kähkönen , and TTT's credit actors Jyrki Mänttäri and Minna Hokkanen can be seen. The premiere of Action Hero is on February 22, 2022 at the Basement Theater.

Action Hero is a comedy about an unfinished work of art and a clash of worlds. Riikka (Inke Koskinen) and Petteri (Pyry Kähkönen) are young and passionate film lovers who have decided to shoot a feminist action film in the backyard of fifty Rolf (Jyrki Mänttäri). Eeva (Minna Hokkanen), a pharmacist from the Voionmaa College's film line who was late in her art, has been included in the cast of actors.

The budget for the film is tight and the framework is home-grown. However, once art has decided to change the world, the work must be completed with honor. What challenges and opportunities does the team face in rethinking popular culture - and above all, in rethinking itself?

Action Hero was set in motion by Inke Koskinen and Pyry Kähkönen's desire to bring the mood and image of action movies to the stage, preferably without shy away from comedy. Theater director Otso Kautto had been following Liila Jokelin's development with interest for some time, and encouraged Koskinen, Kähkönen and Jokelin to work together as the only instruction . After a few meetings, Jokelin began writing, and in the fall of 2021, the first version of the new play was read. " I thought that if I want the voice of a new generation of authors on the OSH stage, then I can't dictate what and how they should do it. It was a good decision , "says Kautto.

Screenwriter and director Liila Jokelin is a 32-year-old playwright, playwright and singer-songwriter. He states the starting point for the new work: " I wanted to deal with the ideological structures of action films on stage . This fast-paced comedy features current themes about gender and generations, power, art, and love. The goal is to free the viewer from the pressures of saving the world through laughter - even for a moment. We all want better reality and better fiction! But by what means ? ". Liila Jokelin graduated with a master's degree in theater from the Theater Academy this year.

Inke Koskinen and Pyry Kähkönen were attached to OSH at the same time. They're not co-starring for the first time, as they showed off their comedy skills together last summer at the Pyynikki Summer Theater Comedy. The first musical role of Inke Koskinen, who graduated from the University of Tampere in 2021, was Hamlet's Ofelia at TTT (2020) and the last premiere of When There Is Emotion at Theater Jurka together with Sofia Smeds. This successful play will visit the OSH Cellar Theater next spring. Pyry Kähkönen, who graduated from the Theater Academy in 2020, has been seen at TTT in the musicals Kinky Boots (2020) and Matilda (2021). In the fall of 2022, he will be involved in the grand musical Momentum 1900.

Tickets (€ 32-27) are now on sale.

Action Hero
Screenplay and direction Liila Jokelin
Music Veli-Ville Sivén
Lyrics Liila Jokelin
Sound and light design Niklas Vainio
Costume design Riikka Mäntymaa
Battle choreographer Arvo Saarinen
Roles Inke Koskinen, Pyry Kähkönen, Jyrki Mänttäri, Minna Hokkanen

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