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Detroit Repertory Theatre's Lobby Gallery Holds Champagne Reception for Michael Horner Tonight

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The Detroit Repertory Theatre's Lobby Gallery will have a Champagne Reception for local Detroit artist, Michael Horner tonight, April 23, 2014 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Mr. Horner's works are on exhibit during Detroit Repertory Theatre's performances of Brother Of All until May 18, 2014. The Meet The Artist Champagne Reception is free and open to the public, and gives patrons an opportunity for an intimate experience with the artist and his works. Information about the Reception may be found by calling the Theatre at (313) 868-1347 or by visiting

Michael Horner, artist, musician/percussionist, hairstylist, amateur golfer, philanthropist, creative spirit... Mike has painted original works of art for more than half a century. Naturally gifted, he got his start at the age of 7 when he began drawing for his own pleasure. His talent was quickly noticed and he was often asked to create special pieces for family, friends and neighbors. A community activist and teacher's attention resulted in Mike's acceptance to Cranbrook at age 19. Michael was not able to take advantage of the opportunity due to family obligations. Mike chose to remain close to home to help his family after an older brother was called to serve in Vietnam. He honed his skills on his own by immersing himself in painting, drawing and other artistic expression drawn from the fabric of daily life.

A generous giver to those who deserve but don't always receive outward displays of affection, Mike has bestowed an unexpected "Thank You" on many occasions. He spent three days at the St. John Macomb Hospital Rehabilitaition Center painting an 8' x 4' mural in their physical therapy room. When Detroit Police Department Officer Brian Huff was killed in the line of duty, Mike was moved to paint the Officer's portrait, which was donated to his family. Soon after, the senseless killing of Livonia Police Officer Larry Nehasil inspired Mike to render his likeness on canvas also. The portrait was donated to Mrs. Nehasil, with a canvas print given to the Livonia Police Department.

He has illustrated a Children's Book titled Vernon the Vegetable Man,and has displayed many of his works at The Sunday Dinner Company restaurant in Detroit. Most recently he has been invited to show his work in the Seventh Annual Art Exhibition at the Mackenzie Cultural Center in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This show is designed to inspire those who view it to express themselves through the fine arts and to educate public school students who will tour the site.

A myriad of family and life experiences have shaped Mike as an artist. He is one of 14 children raised by a loving, single mother, following his father's untimely death. He stopped painting for 5 years after his brother's murder - the same brother who had survived a tour of duty in Vietnam. Family members encouraged Mike with blank canvasses of all sizes, knowing he would not resist releasing his feelings and telling his story through his craft.

Original works of arts are displayed in the lobby of the Repertory throughout the DRT's season. Michigan artists submit their portfolios. When chosen, their works are exhibited and sold during the run of each DRT production. The Rep collects no commission.

The Detroit Repertory Theatre Lobby Gallery is alternative exhibition space for emerging and mid-career artists of the Metropolitan Detroit area. Space is given for one-person, two-person, or group theme shows of two-dimensional works of art.

Gilda Snowden has been curator of Exhibitions at the Detroit Repertory Theatre since 1987. Ms. Snowden is a Detroit-based artist, writer, lecturer and curator. She is Professor and Section Chair of Painting in the Fine Arts Department at the College for Creative Studies. In addition to numerous works in corporate and private collections, Gilda has five works in the permanent collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The oldest professional (Union) non-profit theatre in the State of Michigan, the Detroit Repertory Theatre's mission is guided by the belief that the sense of community is stronger than the forces that splinter and
that efforts to preserve unity deserve the same attention and support as the justly cultivated efforts to retain diversity. The implicit goal in all the theatre's efforts is to produce the best possible professional theatre while
fostering cultural democratization of the arts, and fighting by example, the disturbing level of racism that still exists. Detroit Repertory Theatre is located in the geographical heart of the city at 13103 Woodrow Wilson,
Detroit, MI 48238. Parking is Attended, Lighted, Fenced-In and Free.

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