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Review: DISNEY'S ALADDIN at Wharton Center Spellbinds Audiences Through Boundless Energy and Real-Life Magic

Get ready to step into "A Whole New World" at Wharton Center with the national tour of Disney's Aladdin until this Sunday, December 15th. Since opening on Broadway in 2014, Aladdin has received several productions worldwide, including the national tour that's currently in East Lansing. With brilliant music by Alan Menken and genius lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, and Chad Beguelin, the timeless tale of Aladdin absolutely thrives.

Based off of the 1992 animated Disney film, Aladdin is a fantastical story about the penniless boy named Aladdin and what happens when he's granted three wishes by a genie. He quickly meets Princess Jasmine and the classic "love at first sight" story ensues from thereon.

There are many things that should make you want to go see Aladdin while it's at Wharton this week, but above all else, you should buy tickets to see the stunning musical numbers in this show. Each one is somehow more incredible than the last, and by the end you'll find yourself having difficulty picking a favorite:

"Arabian Nights" is colorful, dazzling, and shows off the ensemble.

"High Adventure" has the most humorous choreography in the show that will leave you crying with laughter.

"A Million Miles Away" demonstrates the undeniable chemistry between leading man Jonah Ho'okano and leading lady Kaenaonālani Kekoa.

"Friend Like Me" is perhaps one of the most exciting musical numbers to ever hit Broadway, and in this specific iteration Korie Lee Blossey as the Genie has a boundless energy that never misses a beat.

Korie Lee Blossey (Genie) & Ensemble
Photo by Deen Van Meer

Another one of my favorite numbers in this musical is the act two "A Whole New World." While this song has been a longtime favorite of mine, it's made even more incredible on stage. The starry night sky background and the actual flying carpet (Yes, really.) will leave you in the best shock of your life. Without a doubt it's one of the most visually stunning scenes I've ever seen on stage, and you have to see it for yourself to believe this real-life magic.

Kaena Kekoa (Jasmine) & Jonah Ho'okano (Aladdin)
Photo by Deen Van Meer

All of that said, Aladdin is truly a musical fit for both young ones and older audiences. Children and young adults will find joy in thrilling dance numbers and their favorite animated characters brought to life while adults will be entertained by the stunning scenery and nonstop humor, heart, and nostalgia.

If you're older and (for some reason) doubting that you'd enjoy a Disney film brought to stage, Aladdin will surely prove you wrong. It's the best that a musical could ever bring you: outstanding choreography, world-class talent, Oscar-winning music, gorgeous scenery, and colorful costumes. With all of the fun of the original film combined with the subtle maturity of a Disney musical, this Broadway hit is perfect for anyone and everyone. Don't miss it!

For more information and tickets, call 1-800-WHARTON, check out Wharton Center online at, or visit the Wharton Center Ticket Office in East Lansing.

Keep up with Aladdin on Twitter at @aladdin, on Instagram at @aladdin, on the YouTube channel Disney on Broadway, and on Facebook at

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