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This hillarious spoof of our favorite Broadway shows and actors plays for a limmited time.

Everyone has a playlist. It may be of your favorite artist or genre. Now imagine this playlist being performed live, with a little twist. If that sounds fun to you, and you a big fan of show tunes, then there is a show playing at the Temple of the Performing Arts that you can't miss. On Tuesday, January 31, Des Moines Performing Arts brought "Forbidden Broadway" as part of the Prairie Meadows Temple Comedy Series. Based on the laughter from the audience on opening night, you won't want to miss out on this show.

"Forbidden Broadway" is a show with music from your favorite Broadway shows and artist, but with a twist. The lyrics have been rewritten lovingly by Gerard Alessandrini to spoof some of our favorite shows. The evening of hilarity consists of songs spoofing everything from favorite classics to recent shows. Each song finds a beautiful balance of paying homage to the show while lampooning it at the same time.

The hilarity starts with the costumes designed by Alvin Colt and Dustin Cross. Each costume takes the characters and actors we know and love from our favorite shows and slightly twists them. They each have an element of familiarity to them. When you see them, along with the fantastic wigs by Kevin B McGlynn, you will be laughing before each song starts.

The audience is drawn right into the world of Forbidden Broadway as soon as Catherine Stornetta, the Musical Director and Pianist, comes out and starts playing. It's always a thrill for me when the pianist is featured as part of the show. She is soon joined by the fantastic cast, who lead us through the evening of new takes on some of our favorite musical numbers. The cast of four consists of Chris Collins-Pisano, Gina Kreiezmar, Kevin B.

McGlynn, and Katheryne Penny. Looking at each actor's extensive credits, you know before the show starts that you, as an audience member, are in for a treat.

Each of the actors has outstanding performances throughout the evening. It feels wrong to highlight just one or two of the actors, so I'll share one of my favorite performances from each actor. One of my favorite moments from Chris Collins-Pisano came towards the beginning of the night when he plays Ben Platt in "Dear Even Hansen." Katheryne Penny brilliantly plays multiple roles, like Elsa from "Frozen" and Idina Menzel in Wicked. Kevin B McGlynn has the audience in stitches as Rafiki in "The Lion King." Before the night is over Gina Kreiezmar brings down the house as Liza Minelli.

Whether you are a Broadway fan or looking for a laugh, the playlist spun by "Forbidden Broadway" will have you laughing through the whole performance. This celebration of the best of Broadway is only here for a limited time through February 5. To find out more information, visit the link below.


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