Petition Launches to Reinstate Fired OSU Band Director, Jon Waters - Over 4,800 Signatures in 48 Hours

Petition Launches to Reinstate Fired OSU Band Director, Jon Waters - Over 4,800 Signatures in 48 Hours

The controvery surrounding the quick decision to fire OSU Marching Band Director, Jon Waters, based on generations of a "sexualized culture" has resulted in the launch of a petition to reinstate TBDBITL's leader. In less than 24 hours after launching the petition, over 2,000 signatures were gathered with more than 37 states represented, including the Armed Forces, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

Currently, the number of supporters are well over 4,800. The petition asks for OSU President Drake and OSU Board of Trustees to reconsider the firing of Jon Waters, citing a "miscalculated overreaction" and asks them to take into account the following:

- College, in general, occasionally promotes a "sexualized culture." When issues of sexual harassment arise, they're dealt with on the level of the initiating individual. By aiming at the top of the organization, you're setting a dangerous precedent that, by the same logic, could have you stepping down from your own roles once lustful students return to campus residence halls in the Fall.

- However, when it comes to the organizational culture, few have been as adamant or worked as hard as Jon Waters to improve the culture in recent years. This was mentioned in a couple of the "official" statements in the report, and surely in numerous personal accounts, letters, and emails that have been shared in recent days.

- Great leaders and change management experts know that issuing a directive does not result in creating a new culture. Large groups/organizations are historically especially resistant to change. Rather, changing minds and attitudes, inspiring individuals to change for the betterment of the group while still recognizing the past, and taking steadfast and graduated steps in the right direction - these are how to effect change and were evident in Jon Waters' approach.

To read and sign the full petition, visit:

To read exclusive coverage on past alum who have spoken out on this controversy, check out: /columbus/article/BWW-Exclusive-OSU-Music-Alums-Teachers-Parents-Sound-Off-on-Marching-Band-Sex-Scandal-Is-Jon-Waters-a-Scapegoat-20140725#.U9Y53I1dWR4

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