O.G. Productions Presents Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical and Other Holiday Classics


O.G. Productions, in association with Fake Bacon Productions, will present Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical and other Holiday Classics at 8:00, December 2-4, 10-11, 17-18, Fridays and Saturdays, opening Thursday December 2nd at MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215. Tickets cost $10.

O.G. Productions in association with Fake Bacon Productions presents Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical and other Holiday Classics

Thursday December 2 8pm
Friday December 3 8pm
Saturday December 4 8pm
Friday December 10 8pm
Saturday December 11 8pm
Friday December 17 8pm
Saturday December 18 8pm

All performances at: MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215, www.madlab.net

Ticket prices are $10. Buy at http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/Buy_Tickets.html or call and reserve at 614-221-5418

Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical and other Holiday Classics Synopsis
From the producers of the wildly successful Cow Tipping and other Love Stories from January 2010 comes Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical and other Holiday Classics. A wide ranging collection of short plays with local comedians emceeing the evening. And as always with OGP, Chaos is Guaranteed.
Featured shows:

X O + =

Special presentation (this show will be featured every night except December 18th)

Two lovers decide to move on. In the midst of packing up their belongings, they make some discoveries. An old, personal, inside joke is presented. How will this change the decision?

Conceptualized by Hambone and Petra, the renowned Swedish iconoclasts, featuring David Thonnings and Gina Weisshaar

Thonnings and Weisshaar make their OGP debuts.

Quid Pro Quo by Josh Kessler

A bear walks into a bar. The patrons walk out wiser.

Directed by Jason Sudy
Speaker: John Kuhn

Kessler's Cap'n Fashion was the opening piece in OGP's Cow Tipping and other Love Stories.

Daddy Come Home by Scott Tobin

Divorces are never easy. And for Molly, Richard, and their son, a simple birthday party becomes complicated.

Directed by Stephen Woosley
Molly: Vicki Andronis
Richard: Travis Horseman
Mary: Erin Prosser
Erin: Mary Sink
Chris: Player to be named later.

Scott Tobin contributes another dramatic family piece to follow up An Afternoon While In The Easy Chair, part of Cow Tipping and Other Love Stories.

Why I Don't Eat Pie by Amanda Bauer

Todd just wants Sarah to try pie for the first time. Yeah, pie. Sarah is willing, ready and able but trying new foods is never easy. Sometimes it's downright ridiculous.

Directed by Amanda Bauer
Cast: The OGP All-Stars

Bauer writes and directs this piece that is in the OGP spirit of food, chaos, and odd wait staff.

Quiet By Patrick Gabridge

Elisa and Zelda just wanted a little peace and quiet. Sometimes that's not enough.

Directed by Stephen Woosley and Tay Lane
Elisa: Mary Sink
Zelda: Amanda Bauer

One of two previously produced plays, this published piece from Massachusetts writer Patrick Gabridge features OGP co-founder Amanda Bauer making her OGP stage debut. Co-director Tay Lane is fresh off directing Woosley, as well as Fake Bacon member Jason Sudy, in All The Answers, part of MadLab's Theatre Roulette 2010. Answers was nominated for Best New Work by the Central Ohio Theater Critics Circle.

Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical by Philip Hickman

Can a hamster and a nurse find love during the Festival of Lights? Can a plumber and his boyfriend still celebrate Christmas in a hospital emergency room? Could this be more wrong yet more full of the holiday(s) spirit?

Directed by Mary Sink
Suzanne: Suzanne Camilli
Joshua: Josh Kessler
Gregory: Greg McGill
Steven: Stephen Woosley
Musical accompaniment provided by Becky Horseman.

Previously produced as part of MadLab Theatre's XMAS24 II: Reloaded in December 2007, Hanukkah is remounted with the original cast returning for the run.

A Cow Wrapped in Bacon for Hanukkah? Is That Kosher?

Amanda Bauer and Stephen Woosley, the co-founders of O.G. Productions, discuss Hanukkah, The Christmas Musical and other Holiday Classics, the second full-fledged production from OGP:

Why have you teamed up with Fake Bacon for this project?

Bauer: So many of the Bacons were involved in our last production we decided to make it official and put them on the flier.
Woosley: Also, our logo includes a cow from our debut show Cow Tipping and their logo includes a pig and they have bacon in their name. It's like beef wrapped in bacon. That's not only the makings of a great night of theatre but it sounds delicious too.

How is this collection different from Cow Tipping and other Love Stories, your company's debut in January 2010?

Bauer: They are different shows and they'll be in December instead of January.
Woosley: We've brought some new people on board to become OGPers. And we have also expanded into published work with Quiet, which I think is just a brilliant piece by Patrick Gabridge. And this show is at the new MadLab building.

What does OGP stand for? Obviously, the P stands for Productions.

Woosley: Nope

It's in your press release. It says O.G. Productions

Woosley: That's really just a suggestion. Right, Amanda?
Bauer: OGP means everything. OGP means nothing. We leave it up to interpretation. Oligarchy Geese Pasta! Obvious Green Pumice!

Why should people still be down with OGP?

Bauer: Because our mission statement hasn't changed in ten months. We make sure there's a little bit of chaos in everything we produce. And as far as I can tell, chaos makes for entertaining theatre.
Woosley: Don't get me wrong. We're not Lobsterfest. We may not reach those heights. But, when people walk out of this show, they are gonna gesture behind them and say "They're doing something great in there."

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