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Silent Theatre Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary


We'd be darned if we thought anything would come of it. We only wanted to show this one silent play and like many countless ensembles disappear in the shroud of the closing night curtains. Preferably drowning in adoring applause. So it was, with such temporary agenda that our collective emerged. What was to be our inaugural and finite production, LULU: a black and white silent play, was presented by the newly-named Silent Theatre.


That was ten years ago. Providence, it would seem, came a knockin'.

There were doubts and close calls, and abandoned plans, and a bus that was a mobile home that we foolishly got onto because ADVENTURE and the thrill of it brought together a dozen souls that still, even now, to this very day, look back in wonder. Because none of us, not a single one, thought that anything would ever come of it. And yet...

13 world premieres of 6 original adaptations, 4 devised works, 2 homages, and one long running variety show; 3 tour buses with 2 breakdowns; 1 decade and innumerable adventures. And we didn't go it alone...

So here is to you, fellow thrill seekers, you, conquerors of the common bore, you, the essential element in all we do: a generous audience to watch and listen (even when we aren't saying a word). It is you that have molded our playground. Thank you to the one lonely gentleman that sat in the last row of an empty theatre watching a production that should have been canceled; to the critics that came to play after play, wondering, scratching temples, questioning, giving encouragement, showing disappointment or surprise; to every man, woman and child that heard the silence and answered back with, "Go on..." This, our ten year celebration, this season is for you.

In May, Silent Theatre Company is asking you to hop on an unusual adventure as we embark on a rainbow slice of whimsy that could only have come from people breaking out of the strictures of monochrome.. Birthed and workshopped in the deep dark womb of our loft space, Hq comes The Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice. You're thinking to yourself: "womb?", but this time, in rhyme, you'll know that nothing is as it seems and in fact, this could be any old live music meta-theatrical adventure

And in August, part homage, part guilty pleasure, The Dueling Gentlemen will deliver our love letter to Vaudeville:

Dear V,

Two dueling gentlemen. One ugly blond. We hope you like it.

With Love,

Silent Theatre

And when the winter arrives, we are bringing back our first lust, the concupiscent lady who seduced us into this adventure in the first place, our LULU: a black and white silent play. Because it's a Christmas story after all. And because it's been ten years she's been out of the cage. And we just gotta see what else she's got. We will open up Pandora's box yet again.

Because this is a celebration. If you're not cheering with us, you are cheering without us.

Production History: The company's inaugural production in 2005 LULU: a black and white silent play toured coast to coast and since then we have devised and presented many original works: Noir: a shot and a chaser, A Charlie Chaplin Christmas, KANE, The Thin Line: based on the prints of Warrington Colescott, The Wild Party/The Set-Up, Carnival Nocturne, A Christmas Carol: the silent bah-humbug, NOIR: city of big shoulders, ACME a (live) Action Cartoon with Music and Entertainment, A Silent Christmas Carol, and Nosferatu.

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