Hamlet Project: Chicago Presents HAMLET as a Drinking Play, Now thru 8/2

Hamlet Project: Chicago Presents HAMLET as a Drinking Play, Now thru 8/2

The Hamlet Project: Chicago, is proud to produce Beth Lopes and Jesse Sharp's THE HAMLET PROJECT: ROUND FIVE, directed by Ryan Imhoff. A HILARIOUS take on the classic HAMLET, that turns the tragic Shakespeare play into a, laugh-out-loud drinking play.

Like any good game, there are rules throughout the evening, and characters that will be signaling you when to drink. There are other exciting games mixed into the night, and you're guaranteed to laugh a heck of a lot more than you've ever laughed at HAMLET before. Mix in a little (optional) audience participation and some good old-fashioned ribaldry and you're in store for an awesome night!

This will be a less-than two hour show (but ya know, it's a drinking game after all, so it could be like 2.5 hours...)

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays, July 18 & 19, 25 & 26th, and Aug. 1 & 2nd at 7:30pm (just west of Southport on N. Lincoln Ave). Tickets are $15 suggested cash donation. To reserve tickets, go to http://www.hamletprojectchicago.com/#!tickets/c11ab or call (765) 396-8472.

BE ADVISED: THE HAMLET PROJECT: CHICAGO asks that attendees please drink responsibly and utilize public transportation or a designated driver. THE HAMLET PROJECT and The Lincoln Loft assume no liability for irresponsible drinking...so please drink responsibly...(and have fun! 21 and over)!

Hamlet - Taylor Bailey
Claudius - Ken Miller
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern - Kerry Sheridan
Ophelia - Alex Fisher
Horatio - Charlie Rasmann
Laertes - Laura Tatar
Gertrude - Angela Morris
Hosts - Kelly McGuigan and Michael Trzos

THE HAMLET PROJECT is still the classic story of Shakespeare's HAMLET. It has only been modified to become a (less than two-hour) drinking game. THE HAMLET PROJECT is still Shakespeare's words and storyline. The story of HAMLET is, as the title character, "the Prince of Denmark, is visited by the ghost of his father and told that his uncle Claudius (who is now King, because he shacked up with the queen), was responsible for his murder. Hamlet is torn about trying to avenge his father's death, and ends up pretending to be insane. Hamlet hires players to act out a play (about a man who kills his brother to become king) to see Claudius' reaction. Hamlet confirms that Claudius was responsible, and ends up being pissed at his mother, Gertrude, for shacking up with the murderer Claudius. Hamlet, in rage, murders Ophelia's dad, thinking it was Claudius. Ophelia goes insane from having her love kill her dad. Her brother Laertes is pissed and is convinced by Claudius to kill Hamlet. The two duel, and both are fatally injured. Gertrude accidentally drinks the poison that Claudius had prepared for Hamlet and dies. Hamlet manages to kill Claudius before finally dying himself." Mix in some drinking games and you won't even know it's a tragedy!

For more information about THE HAMLET PROJECT: ROUND FIVE, visit www.hamletprojectchicago.com or www.facebook.com/TheHamletProjectChicago.

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