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ARE YOU SMARTER THAN YOUR 8TH GRADE NUN? Extends at the Greenhouse Theater Center

The event runs through August 28.

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN YOUR 8TH GRADE NUN? Extends at the Greenhouse Theater Center

Nuns4Fun Entertainment is pleased to announce the game show comedy, Are You Smarter Than Your 8th Grade Nun?, is being extended three weeks, at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago.

Written by Vicki Quade, co-creator of the hit comedy, Late Nite Catechism, this comedy game show has audience members wondering how much they really remember about history, mathematics, spelling! In the show, willing audience members compete in teams to see who was paying attention and who was daydreaming in school.

The play, produced by Nuns4Fun Entertainment, features the talents of Vicki Quade, Nancy Greco, Rose Guccione, and Liz Cloud, sharing the roles of the Emcee and the 8th Grade Nun.

Think you can remember what your 8th grade nun was trying to teach you?

In this comedy game show, contestants are quizzed on subjects like history, geography, arithmetic, science, civics, and a few more! Answer too many questions wrong, and you'll end up in Purgatory, where you have to answer a religious question to get out. Along the way, they'll still experience a lot about their Catholic or religious upbringing and get a little catechism lesson as well.

In other words, they'll be laughing their sins off!

Winners get a free pass to heaven, and for some, a Get Out of Hell Free card!

Prizes range from glow-in-the-dark rosaries, holy cards, and bible keychains.

Just the sort of things your actual 8th grade nun would give out to her favorite students.

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