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Shelter in Love at Eclipses Group Theater New York


2/12/2021 - 4/16/2021


Eclipses Group Theater New York

Long Island City, 11105
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Shelter in Love in Central New York

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While the world rests in suspended animation as it tries to overcome the formidable challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Eclipses has not been standing still.

And on Friday, February 12, we premiered digitally our latest work: Shelter in Love! (

Shelter in Love explores how we experience and redefine love and artistic creativity, which generally require direct human contact, during a period of prolonged isolation.

Since May 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, a group of artists from different countries, cultures and artistic backgrounds have found shelter in love and creativity.
Through regular, virtual meetings, we formed an artistic community, exchanging ideas and creating a trove of original, quarantine-inspired content that blends a broad variety of artistic disciplines.

We worked with limited means, no professional recording studios, expensive cameras, rich costumes, fancy shooting locations and so onbut an abundance of confidence in the power of artistic creativity to overcome obstacles. What you see on our website is a work-in-progress presentationthe artistic fruits of more than 10,000 hours of collective work over 10 months organized in six thematic groups.

There is no ticket, but we greatly encourage and appreciate donations, which will go entirely to the projects artists:

Katerina Alexaki, Costas Baltazanis, Sarah Bitar, Demetri Bonaros, Penny Fylaktaki, Marina Gkoumla, Dorothea Gloria, Ioanna Katsarou, Fritz Leonard, Handan Ozbilgin, Alexandra Skendrou, Chrysi Sylaidi, Marilena Triantafyllidou, Arturo Wong Sagel.

Project coordinators: Ioanna Katsarou, Handan Ozbilgin, Demetri Bonaros.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

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