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VIDEO: Bristol Valley Theater Will Stream THE KING'S LEGACY ON MAY 16

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Bristol Valley Theater is offering its first ever BVT at Home event, an encore screening of the musical The King's Legacy. The production will stream at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 16.

Be sure to tune in below!

THE KING'S LEGACY is a celebration of remarkable women in history told through the stories of Anne Boleyn - the second wife of King Henry VIII - and their daughter Queen Elizabeth I. The show portrays how Henry's obsession for a son tore his country apart, and how his and Anne's daughter unexpectedly saved them all. The musical is performed by a small troupe of Players in honor of the fortieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I's celebrated reign (London, 1598) and spans thirty-three years between two story lines: Anne's ascension and fall the present, as she forges her own path amidst Henry's desperate attempts to obtain a son; And the future, in which a young Elizabeth grows up learning how to become a great monarch from Henry's later wives and through her mother's legacy.

The King's Legacy puts the spotlight on incredible women who unapologetically shattered the stained glass ceilings of their time. It's a story of women finding their agency in a world that tries to stamp it out, and who then change that world despite the consequences. This show uses the craft of musical theatre to uplift women's voices in strength and blend. And with women everywhere rising up to fight for equality and leadership, this story feels more timely than ever.

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